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Announcing the EIVA winter sale on ATTUs

They say that there’s no time like the present. With an EIVA ATTU time-tagging unit, you can be sure of knowing precisely when that time is.   

November 20 - 2018

L3 ASV demos intercontinental remote control and autonomy of multipurpose C-Cat 3, with EIVA NaviSuite in support

In a technical demonstration of a powerful new system earlier this year, unmanned maritime systems provider L3 ASV showcased its multipurpose survey v

November 15 - 2018

Launch of VideoRay Pro 5

The VideoRay Mission Specialist Series (MSS) Pro 5 has now been launched as the latest small ROV solution built for speed and efficiency.    The

November 2 - 2018

Announcing a new design for ScanFish 3D

Following on from its presentation at EIVA Days Denmark 2018, we are pleased to announce that the new and improved side design for ScanFish 3D is now

October 25 - 2018

A teaser on EIVA’s implementation of VSLAM to support a real-time camera based scanning solution

During EIVA Days Denmark 2018, we presented a major expansion to the functionality of camera based scanning.   There are many photogrammetry pac

October 2 - 2018

Introducing EIVA ScanFish Operator Courses

In response to popular demand, we are excited to announce that EIVA will be hosting a unique training course for ScanFish operators in February 2019.

September 27 - 2018

Highlights from EIVA Days Denmark 2018

Did you miss EIVA Days Denmark 2018?    Don’t worry, we have you covered with a quick debrief on what went on!   For a two-day program

September 25 - 2018

EIVA’s mammoth ScanFish XL ROTV excels again during latest sea trials in Aarhus Bay

Returning to sea with hardware refinements, the EIVA ScanFish XL has demonstrated its capability to deliver superior performance on subsea survey oper

September 5 - 2018

Employee Spotlight | Ole Kristensen’s 25 years at EIVA

With EIVA’s 40th anniversary this year, we are taking a moment to acknowledge the contribution of one of our most long-standing colleagues, EIVA Softw

August 27 - 2018

EIVA hosting industrial post-doc project set to deliver AI-powered AUV technology

In collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark and Aarhus University, EIVA have established an industrial post-doc research project geared to advance s

August 1 - 2018

EIVA sign a new representative with GBT

We are pleased to welcome Geological and Biological Team (GBT) as EIVA’s latest representative for sale of hardware and software solutions. The compan

July 30 - 2018

On EIVA’s first six months in our new office in Brazil

Six months after establishing a permanent office in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, EIVA’s first in Latin America, we are pleased to report on early

July 25 - 2018

Summer sale of VideoRay ROV

As a supplier of VideoRay ROVs, one already offering highly competitive prices, we’re happy to highlight this opportunity for you to update and expand

July 13 - 2018

EIVA to support new hydrography course established at the University of Gothenburg

EIVA is always happy to hear about new academic courses involving ocean sciences, but we’re even happier when a new course selects EIVA NaviSuite soft

July 5 - 2018

EIVA ramp up ScanFish production to meet demand

With record levels of demand for our flexible ROTV product range, there’s not a lot of down-time on the production floor of EIVA ScanFish III these da

June 25 - 2018

Over 1,000 downloads of EIVA’s NaviModel Free Viewer!

We are thrilled to report that our NaviModel Free Viewer software has been downloaded over 1,000 times from our website in just the last two years!

June 20 - 2018

Support of additional mesh files types in NaviSuite – Would you like to try it out?

We are pleased to announce that soon you will be able to use OBJ and FBX files in two of our NaviSuite products. If you are interested in trying out t

June 8 - 2018

EIVA announcing strong 2017 results and a positive outlook for 2018

The same year we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are excited to publish our 2017 annual report showing strong results.     The 2017 re

May 24 - 2018

Did you know that NaviModel handles sub-bottom profiling data?

After many requests from our customers, it has been possible to use NaviModel, our NaviSuite product for 3D modelling and visualisation, for sub-botto

May 4 - 2018

Taiwanese representative added to the EIVA fleet

Here at EIVA, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary with our first new representative of the year, Uni-One Ocean Technology Ltd., who are joining us

April 20 - 2018

A NaviSuite licence is more than just software

When an EIVA NaviSuite licence reaches the computer of a new user, there is more than just software code in play.   We know the importance of re

April 12 - 2018

Did you know – EIVA NaviModel 4.2 comes with new 3D cleaning option

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   NaviModel is the NaviSuite software product dedicated to advanced modelling and visualisation of data acquired

April 6 - 2018

1,001 eLearners and still counting

EIVA has reached a milestone, which we are quite excited about: In March, the number of members on the NaviSuite eLearning site surpassed 1,000.  

March 28 - 2018

Ensure safe waterway navigation with virtual marker buoys

The last couple of months, the EIVA R&D team has worked on a new system solution, NaviSuite Perio. It provides harbour and other waterway authorities

February 26 - 2018

EIVA brings additional units and new technologies into its rental pool

The EIVA rental team has been preparing for the upcoming season by expanding the list of equipment available for rent.    The new purchase

February 6 - 2018

EIVA expands with a team located in Brazil

The beginning of 2018 also brings a new beginning for EIVA in Latin America, as January saw the establishment of a business development team in São Pa

January 31 - 2018

Let software automate your survey for more efficient data coverage

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   We see many different approaches to hydrographic surveying from customers using the NaviSuite software products

January 25 - 2018

Stories told by a wave buoy through 12 months’ worth of data collection

Author: EIVA Hardware Development Manager Martin Kristensen The EIVA ToughBoy Panchax wave buoy is the newest buoy in the class of EIVA sensor pl

January 16 - 2018

Automating the processing workflow

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   One result of the technological development seen in the maritime industry, along with the business model innova

January 10 - 2018

EIVA becomes Geometrics repair facility for G-882 Marine Magnetometers

  EIVA, a Geometrics representative, regularly ships Geometrics’ G-882 Marine Magnetometers to customers throughout the world. The G-882 Marine

December 21 - 2017

EIVA teams up with cable lay expert

A recently signed contract makes Ocean-Tec Systems an EIVA representative. The UK-based company will be focusing on promoting the EIVA NaviSuite

December 13 - 2017

Surveying the Battle of the Atlantic with 2G Robotics

Battlefield shipwrecks   After years of research, in 2014 the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) discovered two World War

November 30 - 2017

ATTU winter promotion offer: Beat the time-tagging unit rush hour in the spring

The EIVA NaviSuite ATTU time-tagging unit has served survey professionals well for many years by taking the time-tagging feature of the EIVA NaviSuite

November 23 - 2017

You can now process raw HYPACK data in NaviEdit and NaviModel

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   One of our customers recently chose to switch from HYPACK to the NaviSuite Kuda software for data acquisition a

November 17 - 2017

Celebrating NaviPac 4.1 with a 41% discount for 41 days

In 2015, the EIVA software development team began working on a new generation of the NaviSuite product NaviPac, which is the software suite’s ‘workhor

November 9 - 2017

When the sky of point clouds has no limit

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen    We see a clear tendency among the EIVA NaviSuite users: The concept of big data is making its way into the mar

November 2 - 2017

Introducing handling of sub-bottom profiling data in NaviModel

First off, we would like to apologise for not doing this before even though many of you have shown interest in it.   Secondly, we are happy to s

October 27 - 2017

Trends in the maritime survey and engineering industry: Number 5 – Deep learning technology

The technological development of the maritime industry is moving faster than ever. Staying ahead and thus ensuring maximum gain of the possibilities t

October 19 - 2017

New cleaning option excels in not just 2D but also 3D sonar and laser data

Sonar and laser data can include a relatively high level of noise. A wide selection of data cleaning tools is available in the EIVA NaviSuite software

October 11 - 2017

Expanding the payload of the ScanFish ROTV sensor platform by 700%

The EIVA ScanFish remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) is designed to function as platform for subsea sensors. It comes standard with a maximum sens

October 6 - 2017

Introducing live video in NaviSuite

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   EIVA NaviSuite software products support a number of DVRs (digital video recorders), and NaviModel, which is de

September 28 - 2017

Proven cable telemetry kit becomes available as an OEM product

EIVA now offers the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit as an OEM product for integration with subsea sensor and sonar systems.    By splitting up the

September 7 - 2017

New version of point cloud handling software sees the light of day

The QuickStitch software allows you to work with all types of XYZ data from sensors used both below and above the water surface. With the release of v

August 29 - 2017

NaviSuite Uca 4.1 release brings a new shovelful of features to dredging specialists

The EIVA NaviSuite software product for 3D dredging operations was launched more than three years ago. Since then, multiple customer projects with spe

August 10 - 2017

Jutland 1916: The Archaeology of a Naval Battlefield

Just over a hundred years ago, the only major naval battle of WWI – the Battle of Jutland – took place off the west coast of Denmark. More than twenty

August 3 - 2017

How NaviModel handles theoretical uncertainty of subsea sensor spreads

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen    The NaviModel software is a NaviSuite product and allows subsea and above-water survey professio

July 17 - 2017

Diving into the eventing features of NaviModel 4.2 and NaviPac 4.1

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen   At EIVA, we are committed to having the best software package for subsea and above-water surveys in the market.

July 7 - 2017

EIVA NaviSuite eLearning member count exceeds 500

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen Two years ago, our eLearning team pushed the ‘Publish’ button for the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site with an equal

June 21 - 2017

How NaviSuite’s Kalman filter ensures precise subsea positioning

Author: Mikael Nyseth, MSc Electronics and Navigation   Introduction   Unless you’re familiar with the term, a ‘Kalman filter’ might just

June 16 - 2017

Latest pipeline inspection techniques

The oil and gas industry is constantly improving the operation workflow – with focus on cost and quality optimisation. The developments in sensor tech

June 6 - 2017

Now you can rent even more products from EIVA

Depending on the scope of your offshore and shallow water operation, budget and time frame, renting the required software and equipment may very well

May 24 - 2017

Trends in the maritime survey and engineering industry: Number 4 – Autonomous and unmanned systems and the subsequent need of data processing automation

The technological development of the maritime industry is moving faster than ever. Staying ahead and thus ensuring maximum gain of the possibilities i

May 17 - 2017

How to transfer wave/current data from offshore sites to shore at an affordable price

Author: Global Product Sales Manager Thomas Bønnelykke-Behrndtz   We often see that customers believe transferring data via satellite from offsh

May 5 - 2017

How to test the performance of your processing computer

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen Variation in specifications and performance of computers of course means that the choice of hardware can make a di

April 28 - 2017

Did you know you can have multiple data views synchronised in NaviModel?

The many features offered by the NaviSuite products sometimes mean that valuable ones go unnoticed, not making it to the surface, as users do not have

April 12 - 2017

Making a wide ROTV reach even wider with ‘3D’ steering

The EIVA ScanFish remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) models have always been able to follow the seabed, keep a fixed depth, or undulate up and dow

March 30 - 2017

Why ADCPs can be a vital ingredient for scientific subsea expeditions

In Teledyne Marine’s blog, you can read a case study on how the Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse ADCPs helped reveal a trans-Tasman pathway of intern

March 28 - 2017

Employee spotlight: Senior Software Engineer Jesper Knudsen

We discovered that a recent milestone of over 5475 LinkedIn users following EIVA matched a corresponding EIVA milestone as we celebrated 5475 days (15

March 28 - 2017

Trends in the maritime survey and engineering industry: Number 3 – Large data and autonomous systems

The technological development of the maritime industry is moving faster than ever. Staying ahead and thus ensuring maximum gain of the possibilities i

March 22 - 2017

Case study: How custom software development made EIVA the single supplier to Swedish Clinton

Swedish surveying firm Clinton wanted to start using a single software supplier. There was only one problem in doing so, but it was a large one: No on

March 2 - 2017

Now you can get even more training and background knowledge via the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site

Today, we have released an eLearning module that takes you through the basics of geodesy. This module is the last leg of the newest extension of the E

February 24 - 2017

Trends in the maritime survey and engineering industry: Number 2 – Lasers in the survey spread

The technological development of the maritime industry is moving faster than ever. Staying ahead and thus ensuring maximum gain of the possibilities t

February 16 - 2017

The new NaviSuite blended learning courses are off to a great start

The first of our new NaviSuite blended learning courses, which combine classroom and eLearning training, took place at the EIVA headquarters this week

February 10 - 2017

EIVA signs contract with new representative for Spain and Portugal

A newly signed representative contract makes Casco Antiguo Oceanografía the local point of contact for maritime professionals in Spain and Portugal in

February 8 - 2017

Trends in the maritime survey and engineering industry: Number 1 – Going from 2D data to 3D and 4D

The technological development of the maritime industry is moving faster than ever. Staying ahead and thus ensuring maximum gain of the possibilities i

January 23 - 2017

How to carry out efficient and detailed harbour inspections – from shore

The NaviSuite Kuda software allows for time-efficient harbour inspections, allowing you to combine several different high-quality data types during bo

January 16 - 2017

Error budget analysis for hydrographic survey systems; implementation on an inspection campaign of pipelines by an AUV

Geraud Naankeu Wati wrote the paper ‘Error budget analysis for hydrographic survey systems; implementation on an inspection campaign of pipelines by a

January 12 - 2017

Have you ever had to count and measure 50,000 rocks on the seabed?

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen There is the hard way – manually. And there is the easy way – letting EIVA NaviModel do all the work for you, findin

January 3 - 2017

EIVA releases free NaviSuite tool for chart production

A new, free version of NaviPlot, the NaviSuite module dedicated to chart production and advanced plotting, is now available for download from eiva.com

December 9 - 2016

Would you like to dive into the features of NaviModel?

The list of features of the EIVA NaviModel software for 3D subsea data visualisation and modelling is long enough for users to not know them all by he

December 8 - 2016

NaviModel 4.1 release brings much stronger 3D engine

Today saw the release of NaviModel 4.1, which offers users a much more advanced 3D engine and S-CAN cleaning feature, a long list of point cloud featu

December 5 - 2016

Would you like extensive NaviSuite training combining the best of two worlds?

We now offer NaviSuite software users the possibility of joining our new blended learning courses. The agendas of our classroom courses have been amen

November 30 - 2016

Get more out of survey data from your subsea sites

The NaviModel Analyser software allows you to process, combine, visualise and analyse the data you receive from subsea inspection service companies –

November 22 - 2016

Large maritime archaeological project uses NaviEdit and NaviModel as the primary tools to explore data

Author: Prof. Jon Adams and Dr Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton The Bulgarian continental shelf and

November 18 - 2016

Report diving into pipe detection in underwater images

EIVA has collaborated with local universities in Denmark for many years. This has resulted in numerous interns joining our team and a long list of bac

November 3 - 2016

Adding an extra dimension to ROTV operations

Author: EIVA R&D Engineer Jais Gade Hansted Being able to control not just the vertical but also the horizontal position of our ScanFish III remote

October 20 - 2016

1 operator plus 4 hours of mobilisation and surveying equal extensive and detailed survey results in NaviSuite Kuda

In August, EIVA participated at a Renishaw demo day in Singapore. This included preparing and conducting a LiDAR/MBE harbour survey with our NaviSuite

October 10 - 2016

500 NaviSuite Academic Licences shipped off to future maritime professionals – would you like your students to join?

Finding skilled, experienced employees is key to our customers. It is therefore important to EIVA to contribute where we can in the training of the fu

October 3 - 2016

Turning survey data of two WWII wrecks into a 3D reconstruction

With two ROVs fitted with various survey equipment and EIVA NaviSuite on board, the DOF Subsea vessel Skandi Protector went out to sea to gather video

September 27 - 2016

Deepening the knowledge pool in the Pacific Ocean, Coral Sea, and more

EIVA adds two new members to our support team in the Philippines, making more staff available worldwide to provide the most optimum support coverage t

September 21 - 2016

Dip into the features of NaviSuite: Working with seabed surfaces

The list of features offered by EIVA NaviSuite is long, and we want to make sure that you haven’t missed out on some of them and thus the possibilitie

August 25 - 2016

Dip into the features of NaviSuite: Trenching and rock dumping in NaviModel

The list of features offered by EIVA NaviSuite is long, and we want to make sure that you haven’t missed out on some of them and thus the possibilitie

August 24 - 2016

Dip into the features of NaviSuite: Visualisation of terrain models

The list of features offered by EIVA NaviSuite is long, and we want to make sure that you haven't missed out on some of them and thus the possibilit

August 15 - 2016

Let there be non-photorealistic light…in NaviModel

Author: EIVA Software Engineer, M.Sc.CS, Mikkel Bak Vester Everyone who has worked with digital terrain models (DTM) and point clouds knows that li

August 10 - 2016

Stronger catenary simulation sees the light of day

As part of the NaviSuite generation 4 overhaul initiated in the autumn of 2015, we have cast our eyes to the Catenary option for simulation during anc

July 27 - 2016

Buy your next NaviSuite licence online and get a head start on your next job

You can now buy selected NaviSuite licences directly through our webshop. This makes it easier to get started as soon as possible – within a few hours

July 21 - 2016

NaviSuite Kuda now available with NaviPac 4 features

The EIVA NaviSuite solution for shallow water surveys, NaviSuite Kuda, now comes with the features that set sail with the launch of a new generation o

July 15 - 2016

Expanding the EIVA webshop and product listing

EIVA’s clients travel the world charting the seabed for any number of reasons, whether to drill oil, do research, or set up wind farms. They go to whe

July 11 - 2016

EIVA adds CUBE and GeoCoder to NaviSuite

  The University of New Hampshire (UNH) Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping (CCOM) and EIVA are pleased to announce that EIVA is now an official i

July 7 - 2016

See how a subsea laser handles shallow water surveys at EIVA Days Denmark 2016

It has been possible to acquire and process subsea (and above-water) laser data in the EIVA NaviSuite software products for some time, allowing for hi

July 5 - 2016

NaviSuite Kuda for shallow water surveys now offers even more and better sonar and LiDAR features

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen EIVA launched the NaviSuite Kuda software solution for shallow water surveys in September 2015. With t

June 30 - 2016

3D dredging monitoring software now supports a bucket of excavator types

The NaviSuite Uca 3D software solution for dredging operations now supports both bucket and clamshell excavators – as well as more specialised equipme

June 28 - 2016

NaviSuite 4 integrates NaviPac and NaviScan

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen One of the most frequently asked requests on NaviSuite generation 3 has been to integrate NaviPac and

June 23 - 2016

Marine LiDAR solutions added to the EIVA rental pool

The EIVA rental department now holds two different LiDAR solutions to choose from for rent for your next short- or long-term offshore or shallow water

June 21 - 2016

1 runline, 2 different survey spreads – See the difference

  The agenda of the EIVA Days Denmark 2016 includes comparison of data from high-end LiDAR, subsea laser and multi-beam echo sounder equipment from

June 8 - 2016

How an intelligent power handling system will increase the lifespan of a data buoy’s power system

Author: EIVA Global Product Sales Manager Henrik Østergaard Fjendbo When using a data buoy on offshore construction or survey projects, it’s import

May 24 - 2016

From the sea to the study hall

Armed with EIVA’s academic licences for NaviSuite, Geotronix, a survey technology provider and EIVA’s local partner in Indonesia, and the Bandung Inst

April 21 - 2016

EIVA’s software suite helps to record the wreckage of a World War II submarine off the Danish coast

JD-Contractor A/S and Sea War Museum Jutland use EIVA’s NaviSuite software package for an unexpected find in Danish waters—a sunken British submarine.

April 8 - 2016

The second month of 2016 brings the second announcement of a new representative for EIVA

This February, EIVA already signed a contract with a new representative: South Africa’s Dynamic Marine Systems. EIVA is pleased to announce tha

March 22 - 2016

EIVA announces new generation of survey navigation and positioning solution

NaviPac 4 is the result of a major overhaul of the survey navigation and positioning software developed by EIVA. The flagship of the software suite fr

March 15 - 2016

NaviPac 4 sneak peek – Use LiDAR in a new way: relative positioning and navigation

In 2016, EIVA will launch NaviPac 4. This new generation of the EIVA NaviSuite software solution for navigation and positioning is the result of a maj

March 11 - 2016

On the lookout for NaviPac 4 beta testers

The beta version of NaviPac 4 is just around the corner. And no beta version without beta testers from the worldwide pool of users. Would you like to

March 9 - 2016

EIVA's User Group has reached 2,000 followers

Today, EIVA's User Group on LinkedIn has reached 2,000 followers. Therefore, we've created a timeline to show what EIVA's journey has seen on its way

February 25 - 2016

EIVA software manager’s article in Hydro International

Software manager Ole Kristensen has written the article ‘Developments and Trends in Multibeam Echo Sounders’ which has been published in the newest ve

February 16 - 2016

NaviPac 4 sneak peek – The new Helmsman’s Display

In 2016, EIVA will launch NaviPac 4. This new generation of the EIVA NaviSuite software solution for navigation and positioning is the result of a maj

February 15 - 2016

EIVA closes the global loop of local support

EIVA adds a new support team to the Philippines, making teams in place worldwide to provide the most optimum support coverage to its software maintena

February 15 - 2016

NaviPac 4 sneak peek – Complex configuration made simpler than ever

In 2016, EIVA will launch NaviPac 4. This new generation of the EIVA NaviSuite software solution for navigation and positioning is the result of a maj

February 11 - 2016

Students centre their study on EIVA NaviSuite software

A group of students from the Centre of Studies for Surveying Science and Geomatics in Malaysia has written a paper named a ‘Single Beam Survey using E

February 4 - 2016

EIVA sails strong into the new year with a new representative in Indonesia

EIVA started 2016 on a high note by adding the survey equipment and solution provider PT Geotronix Pratama Indonesia as its newest represe

January 28 - 2016

NaviSuite Beka anchor handling and catenary usage scenarios

Author: Software Manager Ole Kristensen Since the release of the NaviSuite Beka software solution for anchor handling operations with advanced cate

January 11 - 2016

New EIVA representative: Dropping anchor in the Gulf of Guinea

2015 saw the signing of several contracts with new EIVA representatives throughout the world. In December, yet another company was added to the list,

December 15 - 2015

EIVA adds LiDAR solutions to its product portfolio for offshore survey operations

The Renishaw Dynascan M250 and new Merlin LiDAR solutions for offshore applications are now available for purchase through EIVA. Both solutions are op

November 27 - 2015

Get your crew on board EIVA eLearning at a reduced price

Did you know it’s possible to get a corporate account on the EIVA eLearning site? Keep your crew’s skills up-to-date on the EIVA NaviSuite software by

November 25 - 2015

Diving further into the Mediterranean Sea

This week saw the signing of a representative agreement making Italian Marine ONE the second company in October to include EIVA hardware and software

October 23 - 2015

EIVA strengthens foothold on 7,491 km of the Atlantic coastline

The Brazilian company MACSEA is now part of EIVA’s international representative network as the underwater technology expert has signed a contract with

October 15 - 2015

The new Sentinel V20 ADCP's travels from the EIVA rental pool to the Vejle Fjord waters

The services offered by EIVA include rental of subsea equipment, solution customisation and on-site assistance. Recently, the international engineerin

October 1 - 2015

NaviModel make-over: Meet generation 4

NaviModel 4 offers a range of new and improved features, including a free viewer downloadable via eiva.com; a new look and feel; the completion of LiD

September 14 - 2015

NaviSuite data integration features expanded with new NaviScan and NaviEdit versions

NaviScan 9.0 and NaviEdit 8.0 were released today and allow for laser data acquisition and editing as well as carrying out surveys with more three or

September 14 - 2015

EIVA launches software solution for shallow water surveys

The EIVA NaviSuite software suite now includes an advanced, single-user sensor data acquisition and processing bundle for shallow water surveys, NaviS

September 10 - 2015

ROTV solution developed with EIVA designed to detect UXO in challenging environments

Fugro has undertaken successful trials of its new GeoWing. Developed with EIVA, the tailored ScanFish remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) solution

September 8 - 2015

NaviPac version 3.10 released

Version 3.10 of the NaviPac solution has been released, offering, among others, support of the latest ACAD library version and a new NaviPac server au

September 7 - 2015

Convert pipe inspection video data into a 3D object in NaviModel 4.0

NaviModel 4 sneak peek: The fourth generation of the EIVA NaviSuite solution for editing and processing of spatial data, NaviModel, will be released o

September 2 - 2015

EIVA launches NaviSuite eLearning site

NaviSuite users can now learn the ropes of the EIVA NaviSuite software online, when and wherever they want, via the new EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site.

August 17 - 2015

Improved skeleton for the ScanFish Katria solution for magnetometer surveys

Our popular remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) platform for magnetometer surveys, the ScanFish Katria, now comes with a new skeleton, thereby offe

July 31 - 2015

ScanFish III customers can now sign up for an annual software update subscription

The EIVA ScanFish III range of remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTVs) now comes with an annual software update subscription as an optional extra. To

July 29 - 2015

2G Robotics' ULS-500 Underwater Laser Scanner now interfaced with EIVA NaviSuite

2G Robotics' ULS-500 underwater laser scanner is now interfaced with EIVA's software, NaviSuite. NaviSuite is an advanced multi-purpose software suite

July 27 - 2015

Laser data to be integrated throughout the NaviSuite workflow

NaviModel 4 sneak peek: The fourth generation of the EIVA NaviSuite solution for editing and processing of spatial data, NaviModel, will be released o

July 23 - 2015

New generation of EIVA NaviModel introduces a free viewer

NaviModel 4 sneak peek: The fourth generation of the EIVA NaviSuite solution for editing and processing of spatial data, NaviModel, will be released o

July 15 - 2015

EIVA appoints new representative for the tenth time in the past two years

An increasing, international demand for EIVA solutions has in the past two years led to the signing of nine representative contracts throughout the wo

June 23 - 2015

EIVA introduces NaviSuite webinars

Get an online presentation of the latest EIVA NaviSuite solution and release by joining our webinars held in August. The first is an introductory cour

June 22 - 2015

New NaviPac module navigates world’s longest moveable man-made structure

EIVA has launched a new module for the offshore navigation solution NaviPac, developed in close collaboration with Subsea 7. The Bundle Monitor module

June 3 - 2015

New EIVA Download Site sets sail

Via the new EIVA Download Site, you can now easily download the newest version of your EIVA NaviSuite software solution as well as access manuals and

May 29 - 2015

NaviSuite introduces support of Cathx subsea laser scanner

Lasers are rapidly finding their way into the subsea industry due to their ability to generate high-quality inspection data. As a result, the latest d

May 27 - 2015

NaviPac 3.9: Upgraded Helmsman’s Display and data monitor window

Version 3.9 of EIVA’s software solution for vessel and subsea object navigation and positioning, NaviPac, has been released, offering users an upgrade

May 26 - 2015

EIVA welcomes new global sales director

EIVA has appointed a new global sales director, Jakob Møller Nielsen. He comes from a similar position at SPX Flow Technology, which is part of the Fo

May 22 - 2015

EIVA teams up with positioning technology specialist Trimble

As of 15 May, it is possible for customers in the Nordic countries to buy offshore positioning solutions from Trimble through EIVA. By adding Trimble

May 19 - 2015

EIVA introduces above-water laser scanning throughout the NaviSuite workflow

The EIVA NaviSuite software suite for offshore survey and construction operations now offers integration with above-water laser scanning systems from

May 7 - 2015

Tug in your anchor handling operations with the new EIVA NaviSuite Beka software solution

The EIVA NaviSuite software suite now includes a dedicated solution for anchor handling operations that offers advanced catenary simulation. This ensu

April 13 - 2015

EIVA signs representative agreement with prime French fit

The map of EIVA representatives now includes a French company, as EIVA has signed an agreement with the company PrimeGPS. This offers customers in Fra

April 1 - 2015

Our Rental Manager has been shopping for new equipment

The list of solutions available for rent through EIVA has been expanded with new pieces of subsea equipment, including a sub-bottom profiler, magnetom

March 31 - 2015

NaviModel 3.5 brings advanced point cloud editing feature

EIVA NaviModel version 3.5 was released this week. It includes new and improved advanced features developed in collaboration with major players in the

March 6 - 2015

Teledyne BlueView releases QuickStitch - Powered by EIVA

Teledyne BlueView is a leading provider of underwater 3D acoustic imaging equipment used to inspect, monitor, measure and quantify areas of interest b

February 24 - 2015

Diving into the details of 3D subsea pipeline route inspection

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen To ensure safe and efficient operation of pipeline systems, pipeline route locations and state must be

February 10 - 2015

EIVA provides software platform for innovative ROV project

In March, MMT Sweden AB’s new specialised underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for seabed mapping and pipeline inspection will be ready for its

January 6 - 2015

EIVA and Atlas collaborate on launch of two new courses in 2015

In January, EIVA in cooperation with Atlas Professionals will be launching two NaviSuite training software courses: a two-day Basic NaviPac Operation

December 19 - 2014

NaviScan 8.7 offers fast and reliable tidal correction

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen With the release of version 8.7, EIVA NaviScan adds a series of new drivers to the list of supported s

December 19 - 2014

Employee spotlight: Software intern Thomas Juel Neergaard

Can you explain your role at EIVA and tell a little about the projects and tasks you’re involved with? I’m interning in the software department a

December 17 - 2014

NaviEdit 7.12 release brings easier SQL server installation and enhanced data import features

Author: EIVA Software Engineer Hans Kolind Pedersen EIVA NaviEdit now offers automatic installation of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012, definitio

December 5 - 2014

Employee spotlight: Training & SMS Account Manager Mai Nedergaard

Can you explain your role at EIVA and what a typical day is like? I’ve been with EIVA since March 2011. I am responsible for planning and organ

November 25 - 2014

Full video and data eventing comes to EIVA NaviSuite

Author: Sr. Data Processor Brian Biggert, Offshore Analysis & Research Solutions - oarsolutions.com Did you know that you can do full video and dat

November 18 - 2014

Eliminating destructive vibrations in ROTV-mounted cylindrical poles

The design of the EIVA ScanFish Katria ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) includes an array of four magnetometers towed by two side extensions (po

November 7 - 2014

What can the EIVA software development team do for you?

Author: EIVA Software Manager Ole Kristensen One of the services EIVA offers is the possibility of custom software development. Consequently, if th

October 23 - 2014

Reduced production costs lead to ATTU price reduction

We’ve reduced the price of our ATTU Time-Tagging Unit. Moreover, we offer a further 5% off to customers who buy it through our webshop before 31 Decem

October 1 - 2014

EIVA appointed authorised VideoRay Service Centre

In August, EIVA and VideoRay executives met at EIVA’s headquarters in Denmark. One of the items on the agenda was the official appointment of EIVA as

September 17 - 2014

A recap of a successful ScanFishing trip

Authors: Area Sales Manager Henrik Østergaard Fjendbo and Account Manager Bente Rosell Rask On 8 and 9 September, the EIVA ScanFish Demo Days 2014

September 15 - 2014

Using NaviModel for LBL array design and analysis

Author: Rein de Vries Digging into the application details of NaviModel: Rein de Vries, an experienced EIVA NaviSuite user, has written the below,

August 27 - 2014

NaviPac version 3.9 sneak peek

Author: Ole Kristensen, Software Manager, EIVA NaviPac 3.9 is on its way. Lab testing is completed, and now it is at sea, in use on a couple of jo

August 11 - 2014

Would you like to be NaviPac 3.9 beta tester?

Our software team is coding at full speed, finishing version 3.9 of NaviPac. But no release of major versions without beta testers. A key compo

July 10 - 2014

EIVA drops yet another anchor in China

China has been the destination of quite a number of orders shipped from EIVA the last couple of years. Due to expectations of further growth in demand

July 3 - 2014

EIVA widens Indian horizon

EIVA is expanding activities in India, as we are seeing an increasing interest in our solutions in the country. As a result, EIVA has entered into an

June 30 - 2014

EIVA supports Teledyne RD Instruments 2014 Academic Product Grant

             Teledyne RD Instruments has announced the awardees for its 2014 Academic Produc

May 21 - 2014

Save the date for next year’s EIVA Days

On 6-7 May, EIVA hosted the EIVA Days 2014. The event was well attended and has received positive feedback from the participants. We celebrate this by

May 19 - 2014

EIVA Annual Report 2013 – Loading up for a growing market

EIVA ends the financial year 2013 with a satisfactory result, even though initiatives such as increased R&D activities and relocation to larger produc

May 13 - 2014

EIVA Hotshot winners

The winners of the EIVA Hotshot 2014 contest have been selected, and the prizes are on their way. See the top 10 entries here – and learn how you can

March 27 - 2014

EIVA takes sales online with new webshop

It is now possible to purchase some of the products from the EIVA pool via a new webshop on the offshore specialist’s website. This offers customers a

March 11 - 2014

EIVA launches dredging system for seamless integration with Trimble’s Grade Control System

This week sees the launch of the EIVA NaviSuite Uca software bundle, a plug and play solution for integration with the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control

March 11 - 2014

Buoy range added to the EIVA product portfolio

The first day of the Oceanology International exhibition in London saw the launch of a new buoy product range produced by the Danish offshore specia

March 11 - 2014

EIVA expands rental pool with two ScanFish Katria solutions

The pool of EIVA rental equipment has been expanded with two ScanFish Katria Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle (ROTV) solutions to satisfy a significant

February 17 - 2014

EIVA announces new captain of the ship

      Flemming Bligaard Pedersen has been nominated Chairman of the Board of Directors of EIVA a/s. He b

January 31 - 2014

EIVA launches ROTV solution dedicated to magnetometer surveys

A new intelligent wide-sweep ROTV solution from EIVA is specially designed to optimise magnetometer surveys in terms of reduced operation costs and hi

January 27 - 2014

EIVA ads new page to Asian agent adventure

The list of EIVA representatives now includes South Korean HYUNDAI e-MARINE, thereby offering our Asian customers an additional local contact.

January 15 - 2014

EIVA announces worldwide training programme for 2014

The dates for the EIVA software training courses of 2014 are now finalised, offering training courses at various locations throughout the world – and

January 10 - 2014

Sailing the SALT waters

EIVA has entered into a representative agreement with the Asian marine survey specialist Sea and Land Technologies (SALT). Consequently, SALT will in

January 3 - 2014

Reading the Mexican signs

EIVA has entered into a representative agreement with MEDAREAD, offering Mexican customers in the oil and gas industry a local and experienced contact

December 12 - 2013

EIVA is moving

As of 1 January 2014, you’ll need to send the taxi or freight company to a new address when

December 11 - 2013

EIVA in Technopole position

The company Technopole is now an EIVA representative, offering EIVA hardware and software solutions to Russian customers working in the marine environ

December 10 - 2013

NaviModel version 3.3 release brings automatic patch test and side-scan mosaic tools

Version 3.3 of the EIVA NaviModel software solution has been released, offering both improved as well as new features, including an automatic patch te

November 29 - 2013

NaviEdit 7.11 introduces new GPS tide tool

With the release of version 7.11 of the EIVA NaviEdit software solution for offshore survey data editing, you are now offered advanced GPS tide handli

November 27 - 2013

New versions of the EIVA NaviSuite online survey software released

NaviPac 3.8.5 and NaviScan 8.6, new versions of the EIVA NaviSuite online survey software products, were released today. Key features include an ADCP

October 24 - 2013

EIVA system solution leads the way for A2SEA jack-ups

This October, EIVA came one Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) closer to fulfilling the delivery of a complete jack-up positioning system solution for A2SE

October 22 - 2013

UK workshop: Care to learn more about the CARIS/EIVA software solution?

CARIS and EIVA are pleased to offer a workshop on the latest integrated software solution for offshore survey, which will take place in the UK. The

October 16 - 2013

EIVA launches high-quality winch product range

The OceanEnviroTM product range of robust and cost-effective winches for survey and deployment operations is now a potential item on orders placed by

October 7 - 2013

Care to learn more about the CARIS/EIVA integrated survey software solution?

CARIS and EIVA are pleased to offer a workshop on the latest integrated software solution for offshore survey. The workshop will describe how CARIS

September 19 - 2013

On a Latin American survey quest with a new quadrant

Speeding up our international activities once again, EIVA has entered into a representative contract with QUADRANT-ENC. This brings our offshore surve

September 18 - 2013

EIVA launches 100% automatic scour monitoring solution

Scour monitoring is taken to a new level with the recently launched EIVA NaviSuite Edulis total solution. It allows for a 100% automatic scour monitor

August 5 - 2013

Teaching old seismic dog new triggs

EIVA has launched a new generation of our trigger box, offering you an improved 2D seismic topside unit solution. In our effort to provide our cust

August 5 - 2013

EIVA expands training partner network further

The list of EIVA Training Partners has grown as Highland Geo Solutions joined it recently, offering training courses in the EIVA NaviSuite to offshore

July 23 - 2013

EIVA-hosted Teledyne BlueView U training course a great success

On 27 June 2013, a new group of offshore survey and ROV professionals received the title ‘Teledyne BlueView Certified Operator’ after a three-day trai

June 28 - 2013

EIVA happily goes south

The South African Unique Hydra Pty Ltd. has become EIVA representative, thus contributing to a stronger presence of EIVA south of equator. We are c

May 27 - 2013

EIVA takes up Gulfing

The Texas-based geoconsulting firm OARS has become an EIVA software reseller and training partner, providing customers in the Gulf area with a local r

May 8 - 2013

Annual Report 2012: EIVA avoids storm at full speed ahead

On Wednesday 24 April, EIVA a/s published the 2012 Annual Report, thereby concluding a financial year where all activities have been characterised by

April 24 - 2013

Official launch of the CARIS and EIVA bundled solution at Ocean Business

The new CARIS and EIVA bundled solution for offshore surveys was officially launched at Ocean Business. Paul Cooper, Vice President of CARIS, and J

April 11 - 2013

Online software suite with widened horizon

EIVA releases new versions of the online software solutions EIVA NaviPac and NaviScan. Both offer benefits that will increase the efficiency of any ma

February 11 - 2013

EIVA sponsors study programme at the College of Charleston and University of Washington

EIVA has entered into a partnership with the College of Charleston and University of Washington on the BEAMS Programme. This joint journey will centre

January 31 - 2013

CARIS and EIVA partner to provide efficient solution for offshore surveys

CARIS and EIVA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on providing offshore survey

January 8 - 2013

EIVA’s offline software suite dives deeper

New versions of EIVA’s offline software solutions are released, offering features that will increase the quality of your marine survey results. Af

January 7 - 2013

Atlas Services Group becomes EIVA training partner

The international recruitment company Atlas Services Group and EIVA have joined forces by entering into a collaboration agreement that will include tr

November 13 - 2012

Why not let EIVA teach you about the EIVA software suite?

The next series of open training courses in the EIVA NaviSuite are now added to the calendar. If you want to increase your or your staff’s software sk

October 23 - 2012

EIVA NaviModel becomes part of Statoil’s software tool kit

By the end of October, EIVA will conclude the delivery of a NaviModel multi-user server licence to Statoil in Norway. The digital terrain modelling so

October 19 - 2012

Rental Sonic 2024 Multi Beam Systems now Available with Ultra High Resolution

EIVA has equipped their brand new Sonic 2024 Multi Beam Systems with the most recent option from R2Sonic: the Ultra High Resolution.   The upgrade p

August 22 - 2012

Subsea 7 Selects EIVA Software

EIVA announces the signature of a contract with Subsea 7 for the use of their online survey and positioning software, NaviPac, on all relevant Subsea

August 1 - 2012

EIVA Continues to Grow

EIVA has been hiring a number of new employees in order to keep up with the increasing work flow and we are constantly looking for new qualified staff

July 31 - 2012

New Addition to the EIVA Rental Pool

AML Minos X CTD/SVTP (Conductivity, Sound Velocity, Pressure, Temperature) Multi-Model  Family of Sensor-Xchangeable Instruments   The AML X Serie

June 21 - 2012

EIVA Training Course in Nigeria 22-24 May 2012

On May 22nd – 24th  2012 EIVA successfully conducted a user group meeting followed by a two days introduction training course in the EIVA marine surve

June 8 - 2012

EIVA ScanFish III Delivery to EdgeTech

EIVA announces order of 12 ScanFish III and EIVAs NaviPac marine survey software to be delivered to the US company EdgeTech.   The purchase comes in

May 24 - 2012

EIVA Strengthens the Strategic Basis

• Flemming Bligaard Pedersen appointed to the board of directors of EIVA • Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup visits EIVA • EIVA software l

April 30 - 2012

EIVA Releases 2011 Annual Report

EIVA has released its 2011 annual accounts, and can reveal a year of growth and strong financial results. The accounts for 2011 show 35% growth in rev

April 13 - 2012

EIVA Appointed Representative of Teledyne Gavia

EIVA is proud to announce that it has been appointed by Teledyne Gavia as their exclusive representative in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

March 19 - 2012

EIVA and AML Oceanographic Sign Cooperation Agreement

EIVA and AML Oceanographic (formerly Applied Microsystems) have signed a distributor agreement with the aim of EIVA reselling the AML Oceanographic

March 19 - 2012

Press release - New ScanFish III

EIVA announces new ROTV product EIVA is proud to announce the new ScanFish III. The EIVA ScanFish is a very proven design, and has been delivered t

March 12 - 2012

New Additions to the EIVA Rental Pool

EIVA is pleased to announce the latest additions to the EIVA rental pool. Teledyne Odom MB1 Multi Beam System Designed and manufactured to mee

February 28 - 2012

EIVA Purchase first MB1 Multibeam Echo Sounder

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic announce the sale of the first production MB1 multibeam echo sounder to their exclusive representative in Denmark, EIVA.  T

February 14 - 2012

Swedish Navy Receives Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

During November and December 2011 the Swedish Navy received the last two of four state-of-the-art AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) from the Danis

January 23 - 2012

New CEO and completion of succession change at Eiva

  Jeppe Nielsen, 44, will take over the position as CEO as of 24 October 2011 at Eiva. Jeppe Nielsen has a masters degree in computer science from A

October 24 - 2011