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ToughBoy sensor platform: Secure, uninterrupted data

1 February 2023

EIVA’s ToughBoy data collection buoy is a robust sensor platform for long-term remote monitoring of offshore conditions such as oceanographic, meteorological, environmental parameters and more in real time. In previous instalments in our series of articles on this data buoy, we’ve described the benefits of the ToughBoy, including its low total cost of ownership, many sensor options (including custom) and real-time data monitoring displays.

In this article, we answer the question ‘what happens if an accident befalls your ToughBoy data buoy?’. In short, the design of this data buoy system ensures that…

Dive in to learn how…

toughboy data buoy moored monitoring weather adcp wave current tide

Watch the ToughBoy as it is easily deployed to sea

Automatic backups mean you never lose data from your buoy

Your ToughBoy’s acquired buoy data is transmitted not only to you, but to EIVA servers and to a USB drive in your buoy where it is stored if needed for on-site retrieval. These backups help eliminate the risk of data loss.

In addition, you can choose how often the buoy sends data to the server – and see the results in configurable, real-time displays in ToughBoy Onshore, EIVA’s web portal for ToughBoy users. Learn more about this web portal in the previous article in this series.

navisuite kuda real time data fusion density dtm lidar

Watch this video to see how ToughBoy users access their real-time data 

For when you can’t ‘spare’ an interruption…

To avoid the enormous cost which even a single day’s delay to projects such as offshore construction can cost, customers sometimes purchase a spare buoy to ensure they have a safety backup should anything befall the first buoy.

For customers who would like a spare buoy without having to store it (or pay full price), EIVA offers to keep on ‘standby’ for you. This alternative offering was first developed for customer wpd. EIVA is happy to work with customers to create a solution matching their needs and budget.

'Together, we were able to develop a solution with a unique form of mitigating the risk of having data leaks at an affordable price rate.' 

Project Manager Offshore Logistics Florian Lesch

navisuite kuda hydrographic survey radio-controlled joystick manual

A moored ToughBoy floating at sea and collecting wave and current data

Robust design with a protected power source

The ToughBoy is, as the name suggests, designed to be tough! The advanced mooring technology, built-in buoyancy material, robust shell and even the encapsulation of the ToughBoy’s custom-designed alkaline battery packet are all made with safety and sturdiness in mind. This reduces chances of the buoy suffering damages.

Act quickly: automated email notifications alert you to any interruptions

An alarm function is automatically triggered if the data collection buoy should move beyond a predefined guard zone – as well as in the case of power failure or data loss. This vastly reduces the risk of the buoy being lost.

ToughBoy Onshore displays buoy GPS position and with this overview, you can for example monitor your buoy’s position in the case of an accident

Any questions?

These are just some of the ways EIVA’s development team has worked to ensure your oceanographic, meteorological and/or environmental data stays safe at sea. Reach out and let’s chat about your data buoy needs.

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