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Case study – BP

Case study – BP

How EIVA modernised BP’s software solution for the quality control of survey data

'The NaviSuite QC Toolbox is a powerful suite of high-performance applications that enables the analysis, manipulation and visualisation of survey, positioning, and site investigation data for BP. The solution replaces several legacy applications, providing users with all of the existing functionality, but with significant improvements and enhancements. It has greatly enhanced the tools available to surveyors and site investigation specialists by facilitating rigorous quality control of the positional accuracy and integrity of data, in order to reduce risk and ensure the safety and efficiency of operational activities. With the ability to consume and export a wide variety of industry data exchange formats, and undertake complex QC tasks simply and efficiently, it is a vital component of any surveyor’s digital toolbox.'
Survey Solutions Manager Josh Townsend

The challenge of quality control in offshore operations

A common task of maritime survey and engineering professionals is to create a site overview that combines various types of 3D data. The objective is to provide a user-friendly interface between the user and the data, with options for visual representation in order to facilitate decision-making and project management.

BP previously worked with a variety of separate pieces of software for survey data QC, including applications for tidal forecasting, mooring catenary analysis and acoustic network adjustment. However, the modules were outdated and unsupported and did not provide the complete level of functionality required for modern data acquisition and processing techniques, such as 3D point cloud visualisation. BP were eager to develop a new solution, with efficiency, cost reduction, and modernising at the forefront of the project. They were seeking a solution that contained all the functions they required in an all-in-one package.

A software solution with many applications across the energy industry

BP’s engagement with EIVA stemmed from part of a tender process to find a vendor able to deliver a solution to the company’s specification. The outcome was the NaviSuite QC Toolbox.

The QC Toolbox enables users to visualise, analyse and quality control large, complex survey datasets. Developed in collaboration with BP, the QC Toolbox consolidates functionality from EIVA’s software packages: NaviEdit Pro, NaviModel Analyser and catenary option, alongside several new features. These include tidal predictions, network adjustments and P-format viewing. This solution has numerous applications for operators, client representatives, and geomatics professionals working across the marine and terrestrial sectors.

Since BP’s initial search for a new solution, technological development in the survey industry has moved faster than ever, with sensors generating ever increasing volumes of data. As a result, there is a growing requirement to collate, visualise, interpret and quality control spatial information within a single environment. This enables the maximum value to be extracted from data.

The results visualised in 3D

Examples of how the 3D features of the QC Toolbox are brought into play include the visualisation of out of straightness pipeline data in order to aid pipeline engineering analysis.

An ROV conducting a pipeline survey visualised with 3D software

Visualisation of a pipeline inspection in NaviModel

A pipeline analysis with statistics in NaviModel software

The analysis of a pipeline with statistical graphs in NaviModel

‘In the office we’ve used the EIVA QC Toolbox for DTM creation, tide calculations and planning transit routes for the semi-sub rigs as they skid between drill centres with a suspended load. Offshore, we will use it for any QC checks that may come our way.’
BP North Sea Surveyor


3D software used for rig moves, project planning and quality checks

Combine multiple data sources within a single environment

Undertake acoustic network adjustment and QC in NaviModel

Events highlighted during a pipeline inspection in NaviModel software

Highlight events by creating user defined rules

‘Tidal prediction, catenary analysis, and network adjustment solutions have all been delivered. We anticipate that our survey representatives will be able to use this package in the field for QC while survey operations are ongoing, so it is not just for office-based project managers.’ 
Survey and Positioning Lead, North Sea


Checking tidal files in NaviModel software for tidal predictions

Create and check tide files

Catenaries being deployed in a 3D envionement in NaviSuite

Visualise catenaries in a 3D environment

The catenary solution in NaviModel with an extensive library of chain components - anchor, buoy, cable, chain and joints.

Catenary jewellery can be selected and checked from our built-in library

Products in play

NaviSuite QC Toolbox consists of:

Facts and figures

  • BP operate in 70 countries worldwide with approximately 74,000 employees
  • Positioning QC is critical within BP, with tolerances ranging from centimetric for construction and installation, to metre-level for mooring line clearance
  • The QC Toolbox is utilised worldwide by BP for spatial quality control and assurance

Quality control of geospatial data:

  • Multi-beam
  • Laser
  • 2D Seismic
  • Linear asset positions
  • Events
  • Field layouts
  • High resolution imagery

Independent quality checks on:

  • Catenaries
  • Acoustic metrologies
  • Tidal predictions
  • Site surveys
  • Rig positioning and anchors

Want to know more?

We have created a NaviSuite QC Toolbox playlist on YouTube where you can watch many of its applications in action.

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