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Hear what some of our customers have to say about working with our NaviSuite software products for shallow water and offshore survey and engineering operations: 


DeepOcean – Integrated provider of services and technologies for the subsea industry

'The NaviModel Producer software is with the new generation 4 as stable and innovative as ever.'
Jan Didrik Andersen, EIVA NaviSuite user for more than 30 years and a highly experienced data processor
'By means of the S-CAN* feature, we have reduced the time spent on cleaning by more than 25 percent, and we obtain a far better overall result.'
Per Norvald Boge, Lead Data Processor

*S-CAN has since been replaced by the EIVA cleaning option for NaviSuite software, EC-3D.

NPCC Survey – Offshore engineering, procurement and construction company

'Since EIVA software was introduced in NPCC during 2005, it has played a vital role in all our survey activities viz barge positioning, navigation, geophysical data acquisition, ROV and post-processing.'
Shibu Vasudevan, Senior Geomatics Staff

2G Robotics

'Though we did not use EIVA NaviSuite in a typical fashion it was an easy interface to clean, merge, and visualize all of the data that we had acquired offline.'
Jason Epp, Embedded Systems Developer
'Clinton Marine Survey has been using the preliminary version of Workflow Manager since November 2018. As we have a preliminary version, we look forward to its official release with even more functions implemented, but already at this stage we save massive amounts of time for our processors as the repetitive steps such as import, initial QC and filtering, merging of sensors and import to NaviModel DTM files have already been performed. Our processors can then focus on the tasks actually requiring human input, where experience and logical analysis is valuable. We look forward to work closely with EIVA to further develop the Workflow Manager.'
Jessica Ask, Hydrographic Manager
'During 2015, we have streamlined our processing flow with one software manufacturer for hydrographic work. The use of NaviScan, NaviPac, NaviEdit and NaviModel in our entire process workflow will create a more cost-effective solution in regard to education, knowledge, efficiency and maintenance fees. Our clients will of course benefit in the long run, and we would like to thank EIVA for their support with regard to new functionality required during the implementation phase.'
Anders Wikmar, Survey Manager

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Marine Solutions

‘EIVA has developed a system that is unique in handling large 3D files, and the real-time visualisation of these large files is astonishingly fast, making the operation very realistic. The import of point clouds and CAD drawings is drag-and-drop, and data and drawing manipulation is very handy and extremely easy. In combination with NaviPac and IODesigner, all kinds of sensors and values are available for you to play around with.’  
Ben S. Johnsen, Manager

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Tilone Subsea Limited – Marine contracting, inspection, maintenance and repair, engineering and environmental services company

'EIVA software is one of the best hydrographic survey software solutions I have worked with due to its flexibility and user-friendliness.'
Obadaye Daniel, Project Surveyor

Digital Horizon Company Limited – Surveying, hydrography and engineering specialist

'Our navigation software has been and still is EIVA; our clients are pleased with this especially with the ease of interpretation. The software is also user-friendly.'
Akhigbe Klein Irenen, fnis JP, Managing Director
'The EIVA NaviModel tools for cleaning bathymetric data have been and remain the most powerful and rapid tools available.'
Mohamed Hashem, Offshore Survey Dep. Manager at Maridive Offshore Projects, NaviSuite user for 15 years 

'With the updates made on NaviPac 4.0, EIVA, in my opinion, is now in a league of its own within the hydrography and maritime software market. I have not seen a UI that impressive or had a UX that intuitive and simple. I am convinced that innovation is king at EIVA. Great work!'
Uchechukwu Philemon Obimma. Hydrographic Surveyor, Freelancer