EIVA software licences

EIVA software licences

EIVA NaviSuite software products are available through a number flexible purchase options, meaning that whatever your business circumstances there is a licence type fit for your needs.

We are also pleased to offer substantial discounts on purchase orders of multiple licences on the same purchase order. You can review discounts and licence types below.

Subscription licences are available with pricing based around either a daily or annual model. These comes as soft licences which means that they will be tied to the computer they are installed on.

Daily subscription is priced according to the total number of days you purchase for; with daily rates set for subscriptions lasting between 1-30 days (minimum 3 day purchase), 31-60 days, or 61 days and over. Daily rates decrease with longer subscriptions.

Annual subscriptions are priced with a single fee for a 12-month period.

All subscriptions include 24/7 support and software updates, and can be prolonged.

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Please note that a small number of EIVA software products are only available via annual subscription (NaviSuite Perio, NaviSuite Mobula, Workflow Manager Server, NaviSuite Deep Learning - Pipeline Inspection).

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All EIVA software is available via purchase of a permanent licence.

With a permanent licence you will be provided with an EIVA dongle from which you can run your NaviSuite software.

A soft licence will be available immediately upon order confirmation and valid until the dongle is delivered to you.

Purchase of a permanent licence includes EIVA Software Maintanance and 24/7 Support (SMS) for one year.

After the first year of your permanent licence, SMS is available to purchase on an annual basis, priced at 15 % of the list price of the permanent licence. 

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Discounts are available with purchase of multiple permanent licences or annual subscription licences on the same purchase order. The following rates apply:

  • 10% discount with 2 software licences of the same type
  • 20% discount with 3 software licences of the same type
  • 30% discount with 4 software licences of the same type
  • 40% discount with 5 or more software licences of the same type

For existing licence holders

Please note that if you already hold a number of licences of a specific type and wish to purchase more, you should contact us directly to arrange your volume discount based on your current number of licences.

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