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Finding skilled, experienced employees is key to our customers. It is therefore important for EIVA to contribute where we can in the training of the future workforce of the maritime industry.

For this reason, we offer NaviSuite licences for academic purposes free of charge, allowing students to first try in the classroom the exact software suite and features that they might use on a ship or in a position as a processing surveyor in their future employment. This enables them to add to the list of relevant hands-on training exercises offered during their education.

Colleges, universities, institutes and other educational institutions providing education in fields such as oceanography, hydrography, survey, offshore construction or the like can acquire NaviSuite Academic Licences for use in the classroom by filling out and signing an Academic Licence contract. Depending on the type of project, we also support research programmes as well as individual graduates that are finishing their PhD or similar. 

As of October 2023, approximately 2,850 students and employees at 148 different educational institutions have received free software and licences.

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