NaviSuite eLearning

NaviSuite eLearning

A digital platform for training in EIVA NaviSuite software

Learn the EIVA NaviSuite software ropes online, whenever and wherever you want, with EIVA NaviSuite eLearning – at a cost of only € 195 for 12 months' full access.

EIVA NaviSuite eLearning introduction

Simple, convenient and effective...

A response to the training and education needs of maritime industry stakeholders, NaviSuite eLearning offers first-class educational content covering NaviSuite software products and applications, alongside built-in tools for evaluating learning.

Designed with simplicity in mind, NaviSuite eLearning is available anywhere in the world, 365 days a year – all you need is an internet connection and a computer or a tablet. This means that courses may be approached and studied at one's own pace, from the comfort of a home, the office or even a vessel's crew quarters.

Upon completing training modules, participants can take tests awarding certificates which can be used to document proficiency with particular NaviSuite products.

Since studies can be undertaken without supervision or instruction, the NaviSuite eLearning platform minimises a company's allocation of training resources and represents a cost-saving alternative to sending trainees to classroom-based courses.

Modules for content specific training

NaviSuite eLearning is a holistic training solution, insofar as its modules — covering core aspects of NaviSuite — are classified according to two levels: 

  • Essentials | Entry-level modules for individual NaviSuite software package solutions
  • Advanced | In-depth modules that build on one or more of the Essentials modules 

Between modules covering the NaviSuite fundamentals and more advanced topics, together with new modules that we publish, access to NaviSuite eLearning is the ideal route to ensure that you keep your NaviSuite skills up to date and on top form.

NaviSuite eLearning also represents the perfect companion to supplement your attendance at more extensive classroom training courses on the NaviPac, NaviScan, NaviEdit, NaviModel and NaviPlot solutions.

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Many more eLearning modules to come

As our work at EIVA to refine and improve NaviSuite software is unrelenting, NaviSuite eLearning modules are refreshed to incorporate new and relevant content. For instance, we add modules to cover major NaviSuite software updates and new features.

Upcoming releases of new eLearning modules, alongside the ideas we are working on for future eLearning modules are listed below.

Extensive NaviSuite training combining the best of two worlds

We also offer NaviSuite software users the possibility of joining blended learning courses. Blended learning means that we combine advanced classroom courses with basic training via eLearning, carried out prior to you attending a classroom course.

This approach allows you to prepare for the classroom course when your schedule allows for it, and to revisit the subjects covered by eLearning as many times as you want – both before and after the classroom course.

With this foundation in place, you can then focus on in-depth details of advanced subjects, hands-on training and dialogue with the instructor during the classroom course, as the basics have been covered before you meet with our experienced EIVA senior surveyors conducting the training.

'I can truthfully say that enrolling in the NaviSuite eLearning programme
has been the most positive career decision I have ever taken.'

Kingsley Ezenwaka, Geophysicist and Data Processor


A 12-month subscription to NaviSuite eLearning for new users can be obtained at a price of € 195. This can be renewed with 12 additional months for only € 95.

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What's included with NaviSuite eLearning?

Training modules and documentation of your progress

NaviSuite eLearning consists of a number of training modules covering various aspects of the NaviSuite products and their features. All of these include a quiz in the end, which, if passed, will allow you to print a certificate documenting your NaviSuite skills. You can also stay updated on our upcoming releases of eLearning modules and the ideas we are working on for future eLearning modules. 

NaviSuite eLearning overview

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