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NaviSuite trade-in offer

NaviSuite trade-in offer

Would you like to upgrade your current software spread?

If you trade in your current software setup for NaviSuite licences, you can get up to 85% off the price of the NaviSuite product(s) that match(es) it. The discount depends on what software setup you would like to upgrade with a trade in, so reach out to find out what discount you can get on your upgrade. 

What’s included in the NaviSuite trade-in offer?

In addition to getting the NaviSuite licence(s) matching your current software setup at a discounted price, you get a year of:

About NaviSuite – A complete software toolbox

NaviSuite constitutes a complete, advanced multi-purpose suite of software products for virtually any sonar and sensor survey or engineering operation carried out by offshore and shallow water professionals. It will streamline your business through reduced costs, increased efficiency and improved results. Find out what users think of NaviSuite by reading our customer cases or testimonials – or dive straight into our webshop.


NaviSuite offers you...

A perfect match for small- and large-scale setups
... through scalability in terms of data set size and number of users

More flexible workflow and complete traceability
... through the use of raw sonar and sensor data throughout the workflow

More efficient data processing
... through various automatic features and analysis tools

High-quality end results
... through real-time quality control and sonar and sensor data overview

Easy integration with other software solutions 
... through import and export of standard data formats

Support of even the widest equipment spread
... through more than 400 sensor drivers

Future-proof investment
... with a maintenance and 24/7 support programme 

Learn more about the NaviSuite software products 

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Learn how much you can save with the NaviSuite trade-in offer

Submit your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible regarding how much you can save by trading in your current software setup with the newest version of the equivalent NaviSuite product(s).

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