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Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Working at EIVA

Becoming part of EIVA means joining a technology company as proud of its engagement with high-end, innovative applied science as it is of encouraging an informal and open workplace culture.

At EIVA, we promote taking personal responsibility and a proactive approach to work. While this allows individuals the freedom to explore new opportunities for EIVA, it also means that working here is incredibly flexible, and fosters a good balance between work and private life.

To all new employees we offer a supportive atmosphere in which to learn the ropes of the department you join. Since most positions at EIVA involve collaboration with other departments, you can rest assured that you will not only contribute to your department’s outcomes, but also play a meaningful role in securing the wider ambitions and growth of EIVA.

Alongside flexible working hours, positions at EIVA offer various benefits, including a pension scheme and health insurance, a catered canteen, and an active social calendar to enjoy.

Browse through our current career opportunities and learn more about each department below.

About Software

EIVA’s software department represents a cornerstone of our business. The software team is tasked with maintaining and developing NaviSuite – our collection of software packages for maritime surveying and navigation. Alongside taking responsibility for NaviSuite, the team works with EIVA services, including classroom training, eLearning and other support operations.

Current opportunities in Software

Software engineer – 3D visualisation/C#



About Customer service

EIVA’s customer service department is responsible for ensuring our customers projects sail smoothly. They do so by helping customers with support, training and documentation. Customer service serves as the vital connection between EIVA’s team and the customers who use our software and hardware solutions to successfully map oceans, discover forgotten mines and build wind turbines, to name a few of the fields we are active in.

Current opportunities in Customer Service

We do not currently have any available positions in this department.

About Sales & Rental

EIVA’s sales and rental teams provide solutions for customers around the globe in the offshore and shallow water survey and construction industries – ranging from individual pieces of equipment to total solutions. The majority of the sales team's members are based in EIVA headquarters in Denmark, while the rest of our network of sales personnel is situated in key markets around the world. The teams works in close collaboration with formal EIVA representatives who engage with local markets, as well as selected third-party providers. These teams apply their expertise in collaborating with customers to fully understand their project needs and ensure that they are provided the best solutions possible. 

About Business Development

The business development department sails EIVA’s solutions forward across the seven seas, onto new and existing markets. They give strategic direction to our teams as we constantly improve our product portfolio, making use of advanced technology such as deep learning and computer vision, as well as developing software and sensor platforms which support the latest subsea and above water sensors.

About Finance

EIVA’s finance department navigates through the numbers on EIVA’s activities, including sales and rental orders, purchase orders and inventory. The team manages our ERP system and financial reports, keeping track of budgets and forecasts. They ensure compliance with VAT, tax and accounting legislation, and handle all the day-to-day transactional accounting for the company. So, when the sales team close an order and a colleague makes a purchase, the finance team take over the paperwork. 

Current opportunities in Finance

We do not currently have any available positions in this department.

About Service & Production

EIVA’s in-house service and production team is responsible for all of our hardware. The team not only assemble our proprietary equipment, such as ScanFish and ToughBoy, but also build various electronics and sensor payloads that go into them. Alongside maintaining hardware production and assembly to meet customer orders, the team is also responsible for servicing EIVA hardware, performing inspections and repairs wherever necessary.

About Marketing

EIVA’s marketing department is charged with maintaining and developing the company’s marketing strategy, as well as supporting key business activities involving sales and rental. The team manage EIVA’s public relations and online presence, as well as coordinate the EIVA newsletter, press releases and all other forms of company media. Additionally, the marketing team take lead on preparation of numerous annual events hosted by EIVA, such as EIVA Days, as well as company presence at external exhibitions and conferences relating to the maritime industries.

Current opportunities in Marketing

We do not currently have any available positions in this department.

About R&D

EIVA’s research & development department is responsible for advancing our line of hardware products. Paying close attention to the latest science and technology, our researchers and engineers are always on the look out to see how new developments, materials and techniques may be harnessed to refine existing solutions or establish entirely new ones.

Current opportunities in R&D

We do not currently have any available positions in this department.


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