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NaviPac 4.0 Configuration Essentials

NaviPac 4.0 Configuration Essentials

NaviPac 4.0 eLearning software module

NaviPac 4 introduces an entirely new configuration tool compared to previous NaviPac versions. This eLearning module covers the new Configuration tool in NaviPac 4.

The Configuration tool in NaviPac enables you to prepare the entire survey task by defining job geodesy, project settings, instrument mounting offsets and angles, and a selection of survey equipment among more than 500 drivers.

NaviPac 4.0 Configuration Essentials eLearning module

This module:

  • Takes you through the essential parts of configuring instruments, geodesy, objects and other items to ensure that you have the best starting point to conduct a survey
  • Demonstrates how to start and stop NaviPac 4
  • Will familiarise you with and help you to understand all the options available in NaviPac 4
  • Introduces the new features and capabilities introduced with NaviPac 4
  • Includes a quiz

Estimated duration: 3 hours, including a quiz after which you can print a certificate with your score.

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