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Virtual buoys

Virtual buoys

Ensure safe waterway navigation with virtual marker buoys

NaviSuite Perio

NaviSuite Perio allows you to accurately deploy multiple virtual buoys for AIS navigation aids at a fraction of the cost of physical buoys.

NaviSuite Perio offers a unique approach to navigational aiding, by enabling you to deploy a high number of any buoy type as virtual buoys so they appear correctly on AIS displays on nearby vessels. This is an alternative or a supplement to the deployment of physical buoys.

Typical use includes:

  • Marking the deepest part of the sailing channel for extra large vessels approaching
  • Marking temporary construction areas, cable lay areas, etc
  • Marking subsea equipment such as towed seismic equipment or our own ScanFish

NaviSuite Perio helps you save on the cost of deployment of marker buoys – as virtual buoys stay in the right place, can easily be moved, don’t require service and are free to deploy and recover.

Highlighted features

NaviSuite Perio software allows for:

  • 3D visualisation of seabed, navigation charts, buoys, etc
  • Placement of buoys via the software on exact location based on latest seabed survey
  • All AIS AtoN buoy types supported
  • Built-in quality control – NaviSuite Perio will listen for the buoy data and verify that it is received as it is sent
  • Easy control of transmission being on/off

We use the AIS AtoN (Aid to Navigation) standard that allows for transmission of virtual object positions – in our case 250 or more buoys positioned in the software.

The hardware items of a complete system solution as a minimum encompass AIS transponder, AIS antenna, antenna cable, mounting bracket, etc, thereby allowing for transmission of the buoys' positions from shore.

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