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  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser
  • NaviModel Analyser

NaviModel offers high-performance digital terrain models in 2D and 3D and high-tech tools for model analyses and manipulations.

This includes carrying out comparison over time by visualising the development between different datasets from the same site, acquired at different points in time – what we call 4D.

NaviModel comes in three variants:

The NaviModel Analyser variant allows you to process, combine, visualise and analyse the delivered data from subsea inspection service companies. It is tailored to companies who would like to obtain and record as much information as possible from the data they have on their offshore sites and structures.

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Key features and benefits

Variant comparison



Download free of charge



Open NaviModel project

x x x
View data in project x x x
Modify settings x x x
Video recording
(key frames etc)
x x x
Save project   x x
Volume calculation   x x
Distance measurements x x x
Export to GIS   x x
Generate digital terrain models x x x
Compare multiple projects/models x* x x
View events x x x
Compare events   x x
View video x x x
Generate cross profiles x x x
Point cloud stitching     x
MBE data cleaning     x
Automated data processing via Workflow Manager     x
Automated video eventing via NaviSuite Deep Learning     Add-on option
Automated MBE data cleaning EC-3D     x
3D pipe
- pipe and cable tracker
- pipe digitisation
- pipe markers
- pipe exporters 
x* x* Add-on option
Side-scan sonar mosaicking x* x* x
Eventing, video eventing and mosaicking x* x* x
3D and CAD object integration x* x x
3D subsea data (Pangeo Sub-Bottom Imager) x* x x
Sub-bottom SegY data viewer     x
Generate mesh     x
Integration of GIS, bitmaps, maps, etc x* x x
Real-time sensor integration, connect to SceneServer     x
Coverage assist   x x
Channel design etc x* x x
Cable route planner     x
Edit digitised lines x x x
Open runlines x* x x
Carry out patch test x   x
Match-up terrain models     x
Rectify terrain models     x
Visibility slider x x x
Connect to NaviEdit     x
Connect to CARIS x x x
Connect to Fugro Starfix     x
* Feature restricted to viewing data that are part of a project.
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