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Data collection buoys

Data collection buoys

Cut costs without compromising data quality with an EIVA ToughBoy Panchax data buoy

Need to monitor offshore conditions such as oceanographic, meteorological or environmental parameters?

The ToughBoy Panchax data collection buoy is the optimum choice for real-time marine monitoring, for example (but not limited to) any type of wave, current and weather measurement surveys – thanks to its robust design, remote configuration, online data display and low cost of ownership.

This data collection buoy is used for a wide variety of applications. These include harbour monitoring, wave energy studies, subsea engineering pre-surveys and environmental monitoring. Wind farm owners can use the ToughBoy for site analyses, harbour authorities can use it for vessel approach guidance and offshore construction teams can use it to ensure that their site’s conditions are safe before sailing out, thereby reducing the risk of damage to subsea assets, equipment and staff. For example, customers have used the ToughBoy Panchax to successfully monitor wave and current conditions at the offshore construction sites of wind turbines and bridges.

The ToughBoy Panchax comes in two sizes, 1.2 and 1.9 m in diameter, and in four models. The choice of model depends on which ADCP you wish to include in the solution – or if you wish to purchase a wave buoy with or without an ADCP. The choice of size depends on your project specifications – for example you may opt for the larger size if you are deploying the ToughBoy in an environment with strong winds and waves or if you need a larger payload capacity.

This data collection buoy can be equipped with additional sensors, such as a weather transmitter, tide sensor or environmental sensors, by the EIVA team. So, you get a marine data monitoring buoy that perfectly matches the setup you’re looking for – whether you want an oceanographic profiling buoy for scientific studies or an ocean current and weather buoy for monitoring conditions during offshore construction.

Key features

The lowest possible total cost of ownership on the market
... through a competitive purchase price together with low service and communications costs

Reliable data
... from an integrated ADCP and high-precision wave sensor

Perfectly matched requirements
... thanks to the possibility of tailoring the data buoy both in terms of equipment and data settings

Reduced risk of wave buoy suffering damages or being lost
... through a robust design with built-in buoyancy material

Long intervals between service inspections
... thanks to electronics with low power consumption and intelligent battery charging

Uncomplicated offshore service operations
... through a design facilitating servicing with fewest possible tools

Remote configuration and monitoring of the data collection buoy
... in web-based software where you get remote access to your data in near real time

Ensure uninterrupted data collection
... by buying two buoys or by keeping one on ‘standby’ at EIVA

Back up your data automatically
... on EIVA’s server and on the buoy itself

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