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Announcing a new design for ScanFish 3D

25 October 2018

Following on from its presentation at EIVA Days Denmark 2018, we are pleased to announce that the new and improved side design for ScanFish 3D is now available.

The enhanced design is available as standard on all new ScanFish 3D steering feature purchases, and is also available as an upgrade to existing ScanFish 3D solutions. 

Stronger and more robust

The new side design for the ScanFish 3D steering feature has been engineered to deliver several significant benefits, including increased strength and robustness, without sacrificing any of the maneuverability or sideways steering ability of the ScanFish 3D that its users are familiar with. 

Enhanced robustness has been enabled through the use of carefully designed side rudders that are 33% shorter than on previous designs. The change means that the ScanFish 3D is more compact and considerably less exposed to potential damage, for instance when flying close to the seabed. 

The redesigned frame is also roughly eight times stronger in its construction than its predecessor. This too adds to the robustness of the ScanFish 3D, and means that it is able to withstand seabed touchdowns and other trials forced upon it by the seas. At the same time, the redesign reduces the risk of catching on stray wires, cables, or fishing nets. 

New design for ScanFish 3D steering

Cost competitive

Owners of existing ScanFish 3D solutions can upgrade to the new design for just € 15,000. 

If you are purchasing a new ScanFish, the 3D steering feature, including the new design, is available as a supplement priced at € 30,000. 

Find out more

If you are interested in upgrading your ScanFish 3D to the new design, or would like to speak to us about the design specifications and operational benefits of the new ScanFish 3D, please get in touch with us.

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