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EIVA launches a complete software solution for ROV steering

9 April 2019

NaviSuite Mobula is a new software product from EIVA, which offers advanced steering capabilities to ROV owners at a cost matching most budgets.

The market for micro- and mini-ROVs is under drastic change, with more suppliers entering the market, and prices for the ROVs dropping significantly. The performance of the entry-level ROVs makes them useful for professional use – provided you have the right software capabilities.

This is now possible through a NaviSuite product dedicated to ROV steering, NaviSuite Mobula. It includes high-end features from NaviSuite Nardoa, EIVA’s package for high-end subsea inspection work, where focus is on data fusion from the most advanced sensors and on efficiency functions that enable fast inspection of very large assets such as pipelines etc. By bringing this into a package for the mini-ROV segment, it becomes possible to use these for professional inspections.

EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen commented: ‘With NaviSuite Mobula, we are offering a best-in-class set of features, unmatched by any other package in the market – and at unmatched competitive prices.’

Adding advanced features to the ROV adventure

Besides the obvious manual steering and video streaming, NaviSuite Mobula’s features include:

  • High performance 3D data fusion, combining multiple views with maps/imagery, sonar, laser, camera and other data you may collect
  • The full range of forward-looking sonar, multi-beam sonar, cable/pipe tracker and LiDAR options known from our high-end 3D pipeline and cable route inspection package
  • Positioning using a wide range of sensors enabling go-to-waypoint and follow-route features
  • A full package for professional inspection, registering events of interest
  • Connection to remote displays, allowing you to follow an inspection
  • NaviModel Free viewer for your end clients to receive and fly through your inspection results
NaviSuite Mobula for ROV steering and control

Multiple views including ROV attitude map and data views, as well as battery data, depth graph, map and wedge display views. 

Moreover, we’re currently working on integrating EIVA’s unique VSLAM algorithm that lets you generate real-time colour point clouds of the seabed and of subsea structures, as well as navigation trajectory plots – using only the camera on your ROV for input.

Our long-term vision with NaviSuite Mobula is to provide a software package that enables fully automated inspections through a long list of advanced features. For this reason, NaviSuite Mobula includes functionality to steer the ROV – because we need it for the automation features coming later.

NaviSuite Mobula for ROV steering and control

A fully integrated 3D ROV control UI

ROV integration

EIVA has initially focused on some of the most widely sold mini-ROV types in the market, namely the VideoRay Pro 4 / Pro 5 and the Blue Robotics BlueROV2, and NaviSuite Mobula is available in versions tailored to these ROV types. EIVA expects to expand the list of supported ROVs soon, as well as add more functionalities.

Jeppe Nielsen elaborated: ‘If a customer’s ROV model is not supported, EIVA will happily work with the producer to integrate it.'

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