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Recap of EIVA Days Denmark 2019

1 October 2019
Recap of EIVA Days Denmark 2019

Last week, we were happy to open the doors to the array of EIVA’s product updates, hosting the two-day event EIVA Days Denmark for the 5th time.

We would like to thank everyone who joined. Hopefully we have added to our guests’ understanding of existing and new features of NaviSuite and the EIVA hardware portfolio. If you couldn’t make it but would like to be updated as well, not to worry, here is a recap:

Day one with presentations, software updates and near-term roadmap

The indoor day of EIVA Days Denmark consisted of presentations covering the enhancements already made to NaviSuite as well as those to come and customer projects. Several of these additions were then demoed at the harbour the next day, as described in more detail below.

As EIVA joined the Sonardyne Group earlier this year (named Covelya Group as of October 2021), also speaking was Sonardyne’s Strategy Director Simon Partridge who introduced our guests to Sonardyne and what this acquisition implies, after which Engineering Director Malik Chibah outlined the roadmap of Fusion 2, their combined INS and LBL software, and NaviSuite’s integration. Another example of some of the integration projects that have already been initiated is the acquisition and processing of data from Sonardyne’s multi-aperture sidescan sonar system Solstice in NaviSuite offering very high resolution sidescan and bathymetry data.

New NaviSuite software features to come

Of the several new features to come to NaviSuite, the following was showcased at EIVA Days Denmark:

The use of deep learning technology for cleaning of sonar/point cloud data and use of camera-based ArUco marker target tracking to augment NaviSuite in for instance underwater navigation and docking or construction element positioning using camera tracking only. 

The new sidescan sonar functionalities that are to be introduced NaviSuite-wide; with additional sonars supported, live displays in NaviPac and NaviModel, full resolution magnification function, as well as target detecting eventing.

New water column data features are also making their way into NaviPac and NaviModel, enabling you to view the full sonar wedge in 3D, enabling the extraction of features of interest.

Our QC Toolbox for subsea data quality control was also showcased, including a new station network adjustment feature, and the implementation of extra map support in NaviPac and NaviModel for a couple of vector data sources, as we now use a new WMS technology which allows for integration with eg SevenCs' map server.

Moreover, participants saw a sneak peek of a NaviModel Web Viewer proof of concept which will allow you to view NaviModel projects in a browser without other software installed and without having to copy all the project data to the client.

Lastly, our rig move and tug management solutions are now being moved to NaviPac 4, with more advanced functionality to come, especially in terms of remote supervision.

Day two at Aarhus Harbour for equipment and software demos

At Aarhus Harbour, we had software and hardware demos in tents by the quayside and sailed out a few times with the research vessel AURORA with EIVA’s ScanFish 3D onboard for deployment.

With us to play with was our deep-learning based pipeline inspection solution, VSLAM in NaviSuite, our dredging software NaviSuite Uca and NaviSuite Perio, our virtual buoy solution.

We also had third-party and rental equipment on display, including LE34’s new survey boat with NaviSuite on board. Our guest presenters for the day were Sonardyne, 3D at Depth, Saab Dynamics, VideoRay and Seafloor Systems Inc.

Live demonstrations in the spotlight

Of the live demonstrations which we were happy to see generated great dialogue during the day, we should highlight the following:

NaviSuite Mobula was steering the VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV unit fitted with BluePrint Oculus FLS and DVL, and the low cost BlueROV2 unit heavily modified by EIVA, fitted with Tritech Gemini FLS, aided by a Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2 USBL.

NaviSuite Kuda for hydrographic surveys, demoed with EIVA’s test USV, showing autopilot features for USV surveys, NaviSuite Kuda’s remote control and auto-coverage features using a Sonic 2020 multi-beam echo sounder and Teledyne DMS-05 motion sensor from the EIVA rental pool.

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