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The things you do in the name of preparing for EIVA Days Denmark

11 September 2019

A cardboard box tends to be a less obvious material of choice for subsea structures or what you would expect to see in deep sea imaging, rarely however, it might just work as a substitute. As is the case now, with EIVA Days Denmark preparation coming in all shapes and sizes.

Can you guess what is going on here?

Automatic tracking of visible ArUco markers carried out in NaviSuite

Yes, indeed, that it is automatic tracking of visible markers carried out in NaviSuite. These are typically referred to as ArUco markers. Peter, one of our machine learning software developers, has placed markers on each side of a cardboard box, and is testing the marker tracking in our software.

As seen in the video, each marker has a unique, asymmetrical pattern so that the software can identify each marker and calculate their location and orientation.

ArUco markers are typically used in the robotics industry for automatic navigation. We of course see several useful applications in the subsea and offshore industry, underwater navigation and docking being one, or for instance the positioning of construction elements, so that they can be tracked simply by camera.

Want to know more – come and see the demo in real life at EIVA Days Denmark, 25-26 September.  

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