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ROV steering

ROV steering

A complete software solution for ROV operations

Choose between different variants – depending on whether you need sonar capabilities

NaviSuite Mobula is a complete topside software for your ROV offering unique capabilities for adding various sonars and laser-scanners.

NaviSuite Mobula offers more capabilities than the (often) very basic packages provided by the ROV producer. NaviSuite Mobula is the same high-end software as used by the most advanced subsea professionals – put together in a plug-and-play package that offers more capabilities than any other package in the market – at great prices for annual subscriptions.

Available for all ROV models – As long as you let us do a bit of coding

To date, we have demonstrated successful integration of NaviSuite Mobula with several leading ROV vendor platforms, including the VideoRay Defender and the BlueROV2.

As each ROV type has its unique features, number of thrusters, camera types etc, the software is preconfigured to match a specific ROV type. If your ROV model is not supported, EIVA will happily work with the producer to integrate it.

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Key features

  • High-speed 3D software, providing data fusion/georeferencing for all sensor data, with multiple 3D views with map and satellite image backgrounds
  • ROV camera in near real time
  • Joystick steering of ROV
  • Assisted steering, lock depth, lock heading features
  • Video and still imagery, multi-camera recording and playback synchronised with ROV track
  • Forward looking sonar live image and mosaic
  • Multi-beam, subsea laser/LiDAR, pipe tracker – all supported in the high-end version
  • Eventing, registration of events/objects of interest in 3D
  • Connect remote displays over the internet so others can follow your operation
  • Deliver your inspection in a NaviModel project so anyone with NaviModel Free Viewer can fly through the data

Featured products

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