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ROV manufacturers are expanding their vehicle capabilities with EIVA software

1 November 2022

Did you know that EIVA’s ROV control and inspection software, NaviSuite Mobula, is both platform agnostic and sensor agnostic? This means ROV manufacturers can simply reach out – and EIVA will add the application programming interface (API) specific for your ROV platform into our software toolbox!

By leveraging this software, you are freed up to focus on your core competencies, such as building ROV models to be more maintenance-friendly or robust, while EIVA provides cutting-edge software tools and support for your users!

In this article, we will show how integrating your ROV platform with NaviSuite Mobula…

Advanced, efficient ROV inspection capabilities unlocked

'Our ROV’s flight characteristics are amazing when using the control software in NaviSuite Mobula. With this software, the ROV now does everything I was hoping for.'
Kelsey Treloar, co-managing director at Southern Ocean Subsea PTY Ltd.

NaviSuite Mobula offers more capabilities than other ROV software solutions on the market – all in a plug-and-play package! The software can make even tricky dives smooth flying with…

Improved situational awareness 

… As a result of a user-defined GUI that allows for simultaneous views of for example 2D, 3D and 4D model visualisations, as well as real-time quality control tools including live data displays and overlays.

NaviSuite Mobula providing automated runline planning and assisted steering for a shipwreck inspection during a joint demo of a 3D optical inspection solution – Live data is displayed including depth, positioning of the vessel, ROV and wreck, as well as the ROV camera feed

Various sonars and laser-scanners integrated

… Enabling data acquisition and display of sensors such as multi-beam echo sounder, scanning/mechanical imaging sonar, multi-beam imagining sonar, scanning/profiling echo sounder and subsea laser scanner (multi-head), as well as support for positioning with GPS, DVL, INS and USBL.

Automatic navigation 

… With assisted steering modes that make use of the wide range of positioning sensors supported – including going to a selected waypoint, moving a defined distance and direction, for example when scanning quay walls, orbiting a target, as well as holding a position.

navisuite mobula harbour wall inspection assisted steering supervised autonomy

NaviSuite Mobula display during a harbour wall inspection with camera and forward-looking sonar – the assisted steering ROV flight mode ‘Hold Heading’ is active

Comprehensive data deliverables 

… Such as fly-by videos or generating 3D visualisations which the end-client can work with in the free NaviModel Viewer – integrated with your observation log, plus tools for data processing such as automatic sonar data cleaning.

Note that these features are available only in certain variants of NaviSuite Mobula. Customers can use a variant of NaviSuite Mobula suited to their budget and gaining only the capabilities they need – we will dive further into this below. Learn six tips for deciding which ROV software you need – to provide you with the right capabilities.

After using NaviSuite Mobula for several successful projects, Paul Storey, ROV supervisor and director of Below and Beyond Ltd said ‘We like the piloting features like auto depth and auto heading, as well as capabilities like recording footage, integrating navigation equipment (USBL), extra settings for adjusting gain and displaying a variety of information on the screen to help the pilot'.

ROV flight modes and sensor support in action, including multi-beam echo sounder and scanning imaging sonar data display, in NaviSuite Mobula

Leverage EIVA’s software development and customer service teams!

Thanks to EIVA’s 40 years of experience with developing subsea software, NaviSuite Mobula is a high-end topside software solution for your ROV… Plus we have an expert team of engineers and surveyors ready to constantly improve the software based on your customers’ needs – for example by integrating new sensors and developing new features. This means you can save the time, effort and cost associated with putting together a large software team – by working together with our skilled development team instead!

In addition, EIVA offers an unparalleled customer service team, dedicated to assisting customers 24/7 with their software support needs. Assisting customers with any question or challenge that may arise is second nature to EIVA, and we’re constantly working on improving our solutions according to user input, new requirements and future technologies.

'The setup is user-friendly, and we’ve received great support.' Paul Storey, ROV supervisor and director of Below and Beyond Ltd.

Provides all this at a competitive software price

EIVA’s licencing model lets users pay only for the software features they need, whether they want advanced steering or a full solution including sonar support and data processing software. You can explore which features the different NaviSuite Mobula software variants give you access to – by checking out the ‘Product comparison’ table on NaviSuite Mobula product pages below ‘Key features and benefits’.

Prices of the different variants start at € 419 annually, with the option to purchase daily, annual or permanent licences. Volume discounts are automatically given to users in EIVA’s self-service portal My EIVA.

Join the EIVA cruise

Currently, several ROV vendors leverage EIVA’s ROV complete software solution for platforms such as VideoRay Defender and BlueROV2. It can easily be coded into your ROV platform too – get in touch with the EIVA team if you’d like to dive into the possibilities.

Follow EIVA to keep an eye on the horizon for more news.

navisuite mobula rov videoray defender inspection

NaviSuite Mobula software automatically steering a Defender ROV and performing an inspection

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