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ROV software now provides advanced control and inspection features for VideoRay Defender

8 March 2022

NaviSuite Mobula is a complete ROV software package with many advanced features for automatically and efficiently planning and performing inspections, as well as enabling powerful data processing so operators can easily create high-quality, comprehensive data deliverables. With a little coding by the EIVA crew, this software can support any ROV model – and it has recently become fully integrated with Defender ROVs from VideoRay, adding to the ROV models supported which also include BlueROV2. Once integrated – the software is plug-and-play!

Dive into this article to learn more about how NaviSuite Mobula strengthens the Defender ROV platform and is tailored to serve users with a variety of needs and budgets…

Defender ROV software videoray eiva inspection

NaviSuite Mobula software automatically steering a Defender ROV and performing an inspection

Efficient piloting & advanced reporting features

‘EIVA’s vision with NaviSuite Mobula is to offer a cutting-edge ROV control software package that enables autonomous and automated operations through use of latest AI and robotics control technologies.’ – Jeppe Nielsen, CEO of EIVA

This high-performing ROV software brings a fleet of benefits…

  • Automatic navigation with assisted steering modes that make use of the wide range of positioning sensors supported – including going to a selected waypoint, moving a defined distance and direction, for example when scanning quay walls, orbiting a target, as well as holding a position
  • Improved situational awareness – as a result of a user-defined GUI that allows for simultaneous views of for example 2D, 3D and 4D model visualisations, as well as real-time quality control tools
  • Precise data – as a result of seamless hardware and software integration, as well as tools for data processing such as automatic sonar data cleaning
  • Configurable user interface lets you see all the information you need, including live data displays and overlays
  • Comprehensive data deliverables such as fly-by videos or generating 3D visualisations which the end-client can work with in the free NaviModel Viewer – integrated with your observation log

Optionally, work with EIVA’s team to integrate innovative, advanced tools for autonomy such as automatic target registration with NaviSuite Deep Learning, which helps ensure you don’t miss any details in your observation log during inspections, as well as VSLAM computer vision, which lets you create 3D models using a single camera

assisted ROV steering Mobula defender corals inspection

Several data displays, along with the Assisted Steering options (upper right) and observation logging tool (lower left)

Streamlined solution – tailored to your budget

‘We want to challenge the market with cutting edge technology that provides more capabilities, but at a price point that is affordable to the everyday ROV user,’ – Jeppe Nielsen, CEO of EIVA

NaviSuite Mobula is ready to support a wide variety of Defender ROV users, as it is available in three different variants tailored to their needs. The variants range from an advanced ROV steering  solution to a streamlined solution supporting every step of the inspection from navigation and data acquisition to modelling and post-processing.

Prices of the different variants start at € 2.199 annually, with the option to purchase daily, annual or permanent licences. Volume discounts are automatically given to users in EIVA’s self-service portal My EIVA.

NaviSuite Mobula is both available in the EIVA webshop and from VideoRay as an extended option with Defender units. Existing VideoRay customers can easily replace their current software with NaviSuite Mobula.

navisuite processing model tunnel inspection rov

Performing a tunnel inspection where steering, data collection, and real-time visualisation are all managed within NaviSuite – video courtesy of Clinton

Try before you invest

If you would like to experience the benefits this software solution gives you during dives first hand, you can always request a free trial.

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