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EIVA launches a self-service portal for NaviSuite software

8 October 2020

My EIVA is a self-service licence administration and purchase portal which is designed to save time for new and existing NaviSuite software customers.

As soon as you are registered in My EIVA, you gain access to the self-service portal which will allow you to purchase new and extend existing licences. Furthermore, volume discounts are made with your existing licences taken into consideration.

A NaviSuite software user accessing My EIVA on a PC for an overview of his licences

Viewing the company profile, account holder details, and other users in My EIVA

The subscription generation and activation process in My EIVA is immediate and automated – on any PC with an internet connection. My EIVA eliminates the manual input from us at EIVA, much like NaviSuite software takes the hard work out of operations through automation features.

What can I do with My EIVA?

My EIVA users gain access to an overview of NaviSuite software licences which their company holds. This includes permanent licences and subscriptions – including any subscriptions that have expired within the last 12 months.

In the self-service portal you can extend subscriptions (by day or year), purchase new licences, and in the future it will be possible to extend software maintenance and 24/7 support (SMS) agreements related to permanent licences. All of which you can choose to pay by credit card as well as by invoice.

What are the benefits of My EIVA?

Alongside the simplification of the purchasing process, My EIVA users can see the price and volume discount that applies to the purchase of a specific product. Users will also see any volume discounts based on existing permanent licences and annual subscriptions which are linked to their My EIVA account.

Ultimately, you can save time because there is no need to contact the EIVA team:

  • For an overview of active licences and when they expire – including SMS agreements
  • For the price of one or several licences and any volume discount
  • To make a purchase
  • To add or remove users
A NaviSuite software user accessing My EIVA on a tablet for an overview of her licences

Getting an overview of licences in My EIVA

How will My EIVA work for companies and group entities?

For each company it is possible to add one or more group entities. This means that group owners will not only have an overview of licences which a company holds, but also any licences belonging to the business group as a whole. Therefore, volume discounts will apply across companies belonging to the same group.

EIVA registers the first My EIVA account holder as the company administrator and can add more administrators and group owners, yet EIVA does not create or add users. After the initial registration there are 3 levels of access rights:

  • Group owner (this level is only for those companies with several sub-entities)
  • Company administrator
  • Users

All levels can purchase licences on behalf of the company or group they are connected to.

New customers will automatically receive a logon to gain access, whereas existing users will be provided one upon request. The new service is free to all NaviSuite users. If you already hold a NaviSuite licence...

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