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EIVA extends rig move functionality in NaviPac 4

22 August 2019

EIVA has hundreds of Rig move and tug management/NaviPac Tug licences in use world-wide supporting anchor operations.

The features of these two products were the last remaining functionality groups requiring moving from NaviPac 3 to NaviPac 4. Consequently, we are happy to announce that we are soon to release advanced rig move functionality as part of NaviPac 4’s Helmsman’s Display.

Anchor patterns and associated control of the rig move operation integrated in NaviPac 4 Helmsman’s Display

Anchor patterns and associated control of the rig move operation is integrated in NaviPac 4 Helmsman’s Display

The overall functionality of the Rig move and tug management option allows you to plan anchor patterns, maintain their status and direct anchors to tug boats.

The rig move functionality can use the same telemetry solutions as before, retaining the choice of radio (UHF/VHF) or IP based networks. There is therefore no need to replace existing telemetry hardware when upgrading to NaviPac 4.

The remote Helmsman’s Display functionality introduced with NaviPac 4 also supports rig move features remotely, over wide area communications such as satellite. This enables remote monitoring of the operation and placing the master control and expert users of a rig move operation onshore or on the rig/barge depending on customer preferences. In general, the Remote Master functionality lets you take control as master operator in order to change and test configurations, define operations/runlines, load new construction drawings, and in case of the rig move, assign anchors to tug boats etc – all remotely from the office connected via satellite. This allows experts to support multiple operations simultaneously.

For users of NaviPac 3, we have made the solution backwards compatible, so that a mixture of NaviPac 4 and NaviPac 3 licences can work together.

NaviPac 3 rig move users will find the transition to NaviPac 4 easy, but with a number of improvements concerning overall usability since the functionality is now fully integrated inside the 3D Helmsman’s Display, rather than being available in a number of separate windows.

The rig move functionality also works directly with our Catenary option, so that detailed calculations of estimated tension along the anchor chain and placement of the anchor chains in the water column are available in real time in the 3D Helmsman’s Display.

Pricing and licencing remain unchanged, and existing users with active Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) agreements or annual subscriptions for NaviPac Tug licences or Rig move and tug management options (barge option) will have the functionality available for free. 

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