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NaviPac Tug

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Navigation and positioning for tugs

NaviPac provides positioning and navigation features for surface and/or subsea vehicles. It comes in four variants:

  • NaviPac Tug, the variant you see here
  • NaviPac Pro, the most elaborate variant
  • NaviPac Single User, which offers all the features of NaviPac Pro, limited to a single network/remote client and a single subsea object
  • NaviPac Lite, which is tailored to vessel-based surveys with a single beam echo sounder

Scroll down to check out an overview comparing what you get with the different variants.

NaviPac Tug is dedicated to the tug boat during anchor handling operations, rig moves and similar jobs and can only be applied in operations controlled centrally from a barge that has NaviPac Pro and the Rig move and tug management option on board. NaviPac Tug offers all the relevant features for this type of job for the crew members on the tug with focus on features revolving around data exchange and remote control, among others.

By limiting the features for survey operations and the use of remote licences, we are able to offer you a NaviPac variant which allows you to benefit from the advanced features of NaviPac without compromising your budget.

You can also buy one or more NaviPac Tug licences as a supplement to the NaviSuite Beka software solution. This allows you to get an operational software tool on board all vessels involved in the operation carried out with NaviSuite Beka, without having to invest in additional licences of the latter.

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Key features and benefits

Product comparison


NaviPac Lite

NaviPac Tug

NaviPac Single User NaviPac Pro


Surface navigation

Max 2 Max 2 x x


Max 1 Max 1 x x
Motion sensor Max 1 Max 1 x x
DVL     x x
Underwater positioning: USBL, LBL and INS     1 object x
Remote positioning: GPS, remote systems   x 1 object x
AIS x x x x
Echo sounder etc. x x x x
Pipe and cable tracker     x x
Magnetometer     x x
Bathy sensor     x x
Annotation x x x x
Data output Max 1 x x x
GPS time synchronisation     x x
ATTU interfacing and time synchronisation x x x x
Multi-beam echo sounder, laser and sonar integration via NaviScan     x x
LiDAR navigation     x x
2D seismic streamer and tail buoy option       x
Rig move and anchor handling options       x
Position fix x x x x
Gyro x x x x
Motion sensor x x x x
Remote gyro     x x
USBL     x x
DVL     x x
Display and tools        
3D and 2D display x x x x
Remote display   Max 1 Max 1 x
Real-time DTM (multi-beam echo sounder)      x x
Real-time data cleaning (multi-beam echo sounder)      x x
Real-time DTM (single beam echo sounder)  x   x x
Survey planning  x   x x
Runline usage x   x x
Barge lines       x
Great-circle/rhumb lines     x x
Line overlength       x
Enhanced data designer (DataMon) x x x x
Geodetic calculator x x x x
User-defined input x x x x
User-defined output     x x
Telemetry   x x x
Eventing x   x x
Distance shooting     x x
Collision detection   x x x
UNESCO depth calculations     x x
User-configurable alarm monitoring x x x x
Built-in simulator x   x x
Remote monitor       x
Remote master control       x
Geocoded images x x x x
Webserver interface (eg Bing) x   x x
ACAD etc x x x x
Vector drawings x x x x
WMS maps x x x x
Data recordings        
Survey data recording x   x x
Black box recording x x x x
User-configurable data recordings x x x x
Multi-beam echo sounder, sonar and laser recording via NaviScan     x x
UKOOA seismic data (P2/94)       x
New features introduced with NaviPac 4        
Comparison of DTMs     x x
Point cloud and multi-beam echo sounder data cleaning (spike shooting, histogram)     x x
Volume calculation     x x
Rock dump and trench design     x x
Live video viewing and recording     x x
Automatic runline coverage assist and run-in calculation     x x
Real-time point clouds x   x x
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