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Success with software training in virtual classrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 February 2021

While some aspects of our lives stand still in lockdown, your knowledge and use of NaviSuite software can continue to sail forward. In order to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, we have migrated our classroom training to a virtual platform, holding both fixed and tailored courses – and attendees have been positive about the learning experience.

Dive deeper

In our virtual training courses, we combine our e-learning modules with classroom training over Microsoft Teams. Compared to our e-learning modules, the classroom training provides more in-depth details of advanced subjects, hands-on training and dialogue with the teacher.

virtual training how to create volume calculation reports in NaviSuite

Topics of our virtual training include how to create volume calculation reports in NaviSuite

Tailored training is all about you

One of the benefits of holding our software training in virtual classrooms, is that it is now easier to provide training courses tailored to your needs at a time that suits you. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for among our fixed courses, feel free to reach out and we can arrange a tailored training course.

With your own tailored course, you get to define your learning goals and needs. Our instructors are happy to focus on exactly the features and functionalities in our software that are important for your tasks. The course can even be based on your own data, workflows and experience levels.

We know how to ensure that beginners get a strong fundament and more experienced users can reach high levels of specialisation. If your group is a mixed bag experience-wise, not to worry, let us know and we can put the course participants into groups based on experience and teach them the way they will benefit most from. Reach out to discuss your NaviSuite training needs.

Moving ships to higher levels of operation through virtual training

Maria Ribeiro, one of EIVA’s employees in Brazil, has held several software training courses virtually – for example the training of an academic team of professors, researchers and PhD students from a selection of universities in Brazil. She gave training in the use of NaviSuite Kuda, a software bundle dedicated to shallow water surveys that offers all the necessary tools to carry out time-efficient bathymetry operations that result in extensive end reports with high-quality data. The course held by Maria involved completing the relevant eLearning modules beforehand, then the classroom part was held virtually, allowing for all the benefits of classroom training without compromising distancing requirements.

NaviSuite virtual training on teams

A tailored NaviSuite training course held virtually via Microsoft Teams

From a previous virtual course, Paulo Y.G. Sumida, Vice-Director and Professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo, had this to say: ‘The course was very good and left us with a taste of wanting more. Our ship will move to another level of operation with this software. Thank you for the partnership and I hope that it expands more. I thank Maria for her excellent work and patience with us! She was a great instructor.’

Upcoming courses

We have planned several virtual software training courses in 2021, both in English and Portuguese, on pipeline inspection, navigation, acquisition and data processing with NaviSuite, as well as NaviPac configuration and Rig move & tug management. With all our training courses, upon sign up participants gain access to EIVA eLearning for 90 days. The courses are held over Microsoft Teams and the instructor will be available for some hours after each class, so students can reach out for personal assistance with the assignments they have been given as part of the course.

We want to support our course attendees as much as we can. Whether it is in a classroom or virtual, a tailored or fixed course. We hope to make the most of this time during the COVID-19 pandemic by holding engaging software training courses in virtual classrooms.

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