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NaviPac 4.2 introduces an enhanced tool for weighted dynamic positioning of vehicles

26 November 2018

Now with NaviPac 4.2, our NaviSuite product for navigation and positioning, there is an enhanced tool for weighted dynamic positioning of a vehicle. This new tool allows for the individual weighting of transponders on a vessel.

The refined tool differs from what was available in NaviPac 3.10, where you had to individually define an object for each sensor. This older method allowed for it to be weighted as a combined dynamic object, but with equal weighting for the sensors and a maximum of three objects. 

NaviPac 4.2 refined dynamic weighted positioning  gives greater control and flexibility over how transponders are utilised within your ROV setup

The refined dynamic weighted positioning feature of NaviPac 4.2 brings you more control and flexibility over how transponders are utilised within your ROV setup.

How it works

With NaviPac 4.2, you define your vehicle and then define the transponders that are on the vehicle. There are multiple ways of positioning the transponders, and you can combine multiple sources for the solution, such as USBL transponders, LBL solutions, INS, etc.

You then apply weights to the source and decide how it will be calculated. The weighting can be applied individually, so you can specify if one transponder is more accurate or more important to the reading. This can also be utilised for calculating the uncertainty of a position, which can be read from the transponders.

NaviEdit will also enable you to do the full recalculation from the GPS antenna to the weighted dynamic position, including USBL mountings and flexible source selection. Together, this allows more flexibility and provides the best possible accuracy.  

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