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Green light for an EIVA & BlueLink partnership

12 February 2020

EIVA has entered into a partnership with ROV-specialist BlueLink, which allows for the integration of NaviSuite Mobula software when producing BlueROV2 and SARbot™ ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

NaviSuite Mobula is a complete high-end software solution for ROVs which supports the addition of various sonars and laser-scanners. The BlueROV2 is both an affordable and high-performance ROV, perfect for inspection, research and exploration, whereas the SARbot™ is designed for search and recovery operations. BlueLink assemble the BlueROV2 on behalf of Blue Robotics.

The BlueROV2 at Aarhus harbour preparing for an ROV survey

The BlueROV2 preparing to take the plunge into Aarhus harbour

The partnership will allow EIVA to ensure better support for Blue Robotics’ customer base, and across their network of distributors, while at the same time help users unlock the potential of combining the software and hardware.

The robust system integration of NaviSuite Mobula with the BlueROV2 and SARbot™ units, grants the user full control during underwater inspections.

Why BlueLink?

BlueLink comes highly recommended by Blue Robotics, with whom they are also partnered. BlueLink puts together custom ROV systems that use components from Blue Robotics, such as the BlueROV2, and have gained indispensable experience from providing influential subsea companies with their ROV systems from their in-house assembly line. In addition, their testing and assembly facilities are well suited for integrating the BlueROV2 and SARbot™ with NaviSuite Mobula, and preparing the system for the customer.

‘Our goal is to provide professional grade vehicles, and working with EIVA enables this vision to become a reality. The BlueROV2 and NaviSuite Mobula combo create a truly a versatile and professional level ROV system. EIVA’s continuous investment in the mini ROV market, while bringing software with a long feature list, and at such an affordable price, is creating technology that is shaking up our industry,’ said Jeff Conger, President, BlueLink

The BlueROV2 performing a subsea ROV operation displayed in NaviSuite Mobula software

Watch the steering capabilities of the BlueROV2 displayed in NaviSuite Mobula software

NaviSuite Mobula makes for a stronger ROV platform

Blue Robotics’ ROVs come standard with a camera and the ability to stream live video, but when combined with NaviSuite Mobula, they become something else. With the added capability of processing sensor data from a FLS (forward looking sonar), the BlueROV2 and SARbot™ ROVs become an all-in-one underwater inspection solution.

BlueLink’s expert tech team has plenty of experience with NaviSuite, all from their history working together with EIVA. This makes it faster and easier to setup new systems and provide support for Blue Robotics’ network of customers and distributors. Furthermore, EIVA works closely with the tech team for software testing and relevant training. Overall, both BlueLink and EIVA have made a measurable effort and investment in developing tailored packages, which ultimately benefits the users.

BlueLink want to provide advanced ROVs based on the BlueROV2 platform to their customers. They do this not only through services, but with more sophisticated, versatile, high-grade ROVs, that are fit for purpose and all-in-one systems with advanced operational capability.

The BL300 ROV with a joystick and monitor showing sensor data in NaviSuite Mobula software

EIVA, BlueLink, and Blue Robotics at Underwater Intervention 2020 with the BL300

In the past 2 years, BlueLink has developed a small dual Ethernet multiplexer, professional hand controller, and topside power supplies all specific to the BlueROV2 platform. To keep up the momentum, they are developing such advancements as professional all-in-one topside integrated consoles and the option for additional payloads such as USBLs and FLS manipulators, or any new frame required by a client. EIVA is also willing to adapt NaviSuite Mobula to meet these requirements, and to create the ultimate consumer experience.

The results and the future of the friendship

The partnership between EIVA and BlueLink got off to an active start with the first joint field-testing taking place in San Diego at the end of 2019. The Core + Sonar version of NaviSuite Mobula was integrated with BlueLink’s SARbot™ (Search And Recovery ROV), which is equipped with a Tritech Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar and a BlueLink power supply unit — the same one powering the BlueROV2.

The NaviSuite Mobula software has the capability of providing high-end sonar data visualisation through a fully integrated user interface, which combines video, sonar, and positioning data with map views all at once. With the ability to simultaneously handle live sonar imagery, and build a live FLS mosaic, the visualisation of the underwater environment is greatly improved, which is an essential element for SAR operations.

The SARbot ROV processing sonar data from a multi-beam in NaviSuite Mobula software

SARbot™ with a Gemini 720ik multi-beam imaging sonar displayed in NaviSuite Mobula

Making a sensor agnostic platform available for BlueLink’s customers

NaviSuite Mobula is agnostic with regards to sensors, and we at EIVA strive to support new types of sensors from third party producers. By doing this, we can unlock the potential of the Blue Robotics system, which makes for a very versatile vehicle. In the future, we will be working on adding Blue Robotics’ Ping360 range, which are mechanical scanning sonars mostly used in navigation and obstacle avoidance.

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