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Get even more training and background knowledge via the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site

24 February 2017

Today, we have released an eLearning module that takes you through the basics of geodesy. This module is the last leg of the newest extension of the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning voyage, expanding the existing eLearning content with modules, webinars and videos providing background knowledge on the NaviSuite software products as well as relevant disciplines related to maritime survey and construction operations for those without vast, specialised experience in the industry.

NaviSuite eLearning site

Scratching the surface (or at least the reference ellipsoid) of geodesy

The new geodesy eLearning module gives an introduction to geodesy, including basic concepts, terms, and uses. The focus is on the concepts and knowledge necessary to use geodesy in the EIVA NaviSuite software products.  

(Re)view the EIVA Days Denmark 2016 presentations on NaviSuite features and customer cases

If you missed the EIVA Days Denmark 2016, you can now – if you have signed up for eLearning – see the presentations from the software day. Subjects covered include for example how our customer Clinton uses EIVA NaviSuite for effective and high-quality data acquisition and processing, sneak peeks of what the EIVA software team are working on and our future roadmap.

The supplementary content to the eLearning training modules also includes two webinars going into details of the NaviPac Catenary module for anchor chain simulation.

About NaviSuite eLearning

The EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site offers you access to a long list of content covering various aspects of the NaviSuite features and applications. The site can be accessed regardless of the time of the day and where you are in the world via an annual subscription – at the cost of only € 195.

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