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EIVA NaviSuite eLearning member count exceeds 500

21 June 2017

Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen

Two years ago, our eLearning team pushed the ‘Publish’ button for the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site with an equal amount of excitement and stage fright. We didn’t have a long list of training modules at the time as we were starting from scratch, but we just couldn’t wait to share the new possibilities that 24/7 access to training would bring our software users.

We knew that many of you find it difficult to devote enough time to attending a traditional classroom course, especially if travelling would be required. With the EIVA eLearning site, we are able to provide relevant and detailed training whenever and wherever it fits your schedule.

Luckily, it seems that many of our users agreed with the potential of eLearning. So, as the number of modules grew, so did the number of site members. Today, we have more than 500 members working their way through the long list of content now available on the site – with new content being developed on a continual basis.

NaviSuite eLearning modules

The eLearning site offers access to NaviSuite eLearning modules as well as various supplementary content

Expanding the setup

The expansion of the module list also brought the possibility of what we call ‘blended learning’. With blended learning, the basic parts of the NaviSuite software training are covered by training via our eLearning site prior to attending a classroom course. This allows you to prepare for the classroom course when your schedule allows for it and to revisit the subjects covered by eLearning as many times as you’d like – both before and after the classroom course.

The ‘Publish’ button for blended learning button was pushed in November 2016 and has brought an extra dimension to the training experience – and many training participants have already signed up for a blended learning course.

Looking forward to much more eLearning

We’re very excited that so many have signed up so far, and we hope to add many more names to the list. In the meantime, we’ll keep working on creating the most optimal training experience so you’re all set up for your next operations, setting sail with the newest knowledge on board.

Would you like to join?

12 months full access to the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site costs € 195, and you can sign up and get started right away.

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