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Introducing our new cloud-based thin client for efficient data sharing and viewing

19 April 2023

The size of data sets collected during surveys and inspections (manned vessels, USV, ROV, AUV, etc) is rapidly increasing due to technological advancements in sensors, automation and data fusion. When operators share results, for example internally with colleagues and externally with end clients, this presents several challenges. Firstly, copying over large data sets every time the data must be moved (ie from vessel to USB to PC to colleague to customer) takes time and costs you and your end clients. We’ve developed a new solution to help with this!

Today, we launched a cloud-based thin client: NaviSuite Cloud Viewer, which lets you…

Watch how to manage access to your NaviSuite Projects in My EIVA – and navigate several examples of projects 

Easily share NaviSuite projects with colleagues and clients – while keeping data secure

NaviSuite Cloud users can upload and access NaviSuite projects in the My EIVA web portal. You can manage and share projects simply by sending a link or defining who can access each project.

You can set a project to be Public, so when you send a link to the project, anyone with the link can view it. You can set a project to be Private, in which case those you give access to it cannot share it with others without your permission – this keeps your data more secure than if you were to copy it over. You can also set a project to be available to anyone within your organisation.

With this, you can easily give access to selected project(s) to your clients and colleagues or take away access if needed. 

Watch how quickly you can upload and navigate projects in NaviSuite Cloud 

High performance 3D rendering from virtually any web browser

Anyone given access to a project can open it in a web browser. From there, they can navigate the data using high-performance visualisation capabilities. NaviSuite Cloud Viewer provides powerful 3D model rendering and many options for how to view data, including…

  • DTM / point cloud / 3D model data fusion
  • Measure distances
  • Make cross profiles
  • View waypoints and digitised lines – for example marking points of interest
  • Look through observation listings organised by type – with corresponding images and video clips

MBES and LiDAR harbour inspection data visualised in 3D in NaviSuite Cloud Viewer – along with waypoints to mark areas of interest 

There are no special requirements to computer/OS, software installation and local storage capacity – for both you and your end clients viewing the results. This is because EIVA’s server does the heavy lifting of rendering for you – and streams it straight to your browser!

Observations made in a pipe inspection displayed in NaviSuite Cloud Viewer – data courtesy of Equinor and DOF Subsea 

Pricing options

NaviSuite Cloud Viewer is available as a yearly license, with plans priced according to disk usage (50, 200 and 500 GB).

NaviSuite Cloud Viewer – 50 GB : 1,299 EUR / year
NaviSuite Cloud Viewer – 200 GB : 3,899 EUR / year
NaviSuite Cloud Viewer – 500 GB : 6,499 EUR / year

Interested in a free trial? Get in touch.

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