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Support of additional mesh files types in NaviSuite – Would you like to try it out?

8 June 2018

We are pleased to announce that soon you will be able to use OBJ and FBX files in two of our NaviSuite products. If you are interested in trying out this feature before the next release, you can contact us about getting started.

The new file types will be available in NaviModel, our NaviSuite product for 3D modelling and visualisation, and the new Helmsman’s Display in NaviPac, which has recently been through an overhaul and now offers a native 3D platform for surveying, control, and quality control. The support of these new mesh file types is in addition to 3DS files, which have already been supported in NaviModel for some time.

This will give you more options with visualising 3D models in our software, and these features will be available in our next release.

FPSO vessel imported to NaviModel as an FBX file

FPSO vessel imported to NaviModel as an FBX file

How loading and visualising the new mesh file types works

The import of the OBJ and FBX file types is easy; you can simply drag and drop both file types into NaviModel. They will appear in a new node called 3D Models. These files need to be attached to a waypoint in order to be visualised. This waypoint is automatically created when you import the files. If they are not attached to a waypoint, the file information is still stored in the 3D Models node.

NaviModel supports file sizes up to approximately 150 MB. With the import of OBJ files, the software will automatically read textures and MTL files that are in the same root folder as your OBJ. The same is true of FBX files. Right now binary-type FBX files that are version 7.1 and higher will be supported. If an earlier version is used, there is no guarantee on the success of the import.

In a later release, there will also be the ability for users to export DTM models, catenaries, and polylines as Wavefront OBJ files.

OBJ file of a digital terrain model in NaviModel

OBJ file of a digital terrain model in NaviModel

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