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Behind the scenes at sea trials of the ViperFish ROTV

2 September 2022

Update: Since the publication of this article, this product has been released. Learn more about ViperFish in our webshop.

EIVA is designing a new product: the ViperFish ROTV. This towfish has active 3D steering and is small enough to tow by USV. It’s ideal for safely scanning narrow, hard to reach areas – with sensors close to the seabed. In this video, you can get a sneak peek at how the development is going…

small ROTV solution for UXO surveys

Check out this video showing the first sea trials of EIVA’s upcoming small ROTV for UXO surveys, the ViperFish! 

Want to learn more?

Check out our recent article in which we dive into the ViperFish’s capabilities, payload and specifications.

The EIVA team continues to trial this solution and we will keep you posted when it is ready for jobs in 2023 – so stay tuned by following the EIVA cruise

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