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Introducing Sonardyne USBL packages dedicated to the needs of EIVA customers

4 November 2019

Did you know that you can vastly increase the positioning accuracy of your subsea survey vehicles by applying the Sonardyne Micro-Ranger or Mini-Ranger 2 USBL system?

You can learn more about this in our combined webshop and product listing catalogue, as it now includes two USBL packages dedicated to the needs of EIVA’s customers operating the ScanFish ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) or mini ROVs.

Realising the first benefits of synergies between strong subsea technologies

When EIVA became part of the Sonardyne family of companies in the beginning of 2019 (named Covelya Group as of October 2021), we also initiated the dialogue on how we can benefit from the synergies between our companies.

We have many ideas brewing, especially focusing on those of our products and services that supplement each other, and consequently allow us to offer our customers a combined and strong solution based on a close collaboration between both providers.

Some of these have already been implemented, one example being the definition of two USBL packages dedicated to navigation of subsea vehicles such as the EIVA ScanFish ROTV (remotely operated toved vehicle) and mini ROVs.

High-end underwater positioning system at an attractive price

Sonardyne are known for their high-end USBL solutions, which is a highly relevant product to turn to if you wish to increase the positioning during survey and inspections – which can be done at an attractive price compared to similar solutions on the market.

Their Micro-Ranger and Mini-Ranger 2 USBL systems are designed for shallow water tracking and an operation range up to 995 metres, allowing for tracking of up to 10 targets. We have put together two packages, dedicated to ROTV and ROV operations respectively:

Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2 system with Nano transponders


This package is put together for integration with ROV systems, as it combines the Micro-Ranger 2 system with a Nano transponder (additional beacons can be purchased as add-ons). Nano is Sonardyne’s smallest USBL transponder and is thus a perfect fit for ROV operations.

Package price: € 28,800

Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 system with WSM6+ transponders

This package includes a WSM6+ 1k Omni transponder and the necessary parts to integrate it with a ScanFish unit. Additional beacons can be purchased as an add-on option. The WSM6+ positioning beacon (Wideband Sub-Mini) is larger but also more capable than the Nano, as it for example offers full two-way Wideband support.

Additional information and prices can be found in the combined EIVA webshop and product listing – you are of course also welcome to reach out if you have any questions.

Package price: € 50,200

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