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Introducing handling of sub-bottom profiling data in NaviModel

27 October 2017

First off, we would like to apologise for not doing this before even though many of you have shown interest in it.

Secondly, we are happy to say that it is now possible to use the NaviSuite product for the data modelling and visualisation, NaviModel, when working with sub-bottom profiling data.

Bringing SEG-Y data into the 3D world of NaviModel

NaviModel, which especially excels when it comes to 3D visualisations and data analysis, has been through a SEG-Y overhaul and is now able to handle multiple SEG-Y files at the same time. By synchronising the vertical sub-bottom profiles with an overview of the project’s runlines, the user is able to easily navigate the data and create events.

The ‘ease of navigation’ feature includes the fact that the software visualises the data while loading it, so you can get an understanding of the overall details of what you’re looking at right away – as opposed to waiting until the software has loaded everything and is able to show all the details.

EIVA NaviSuite Bringing SEG-Y data into the 3D world of NaviModel

EIVA NaviSuite - Bringing SEG-Y data into the 3D world of NaviModel

How the sub-bottom profiling features work

When loading the sub-bottom profiling data, NaviModel extracts a rough track from each SEG-Y file so that a 3D layout of the runlines can be visualised. The track loading is a two-step process, enabling NaviModel to quickly present a site overview of the data: First, a point is extracted at every 100 metres. Then, the view is refined to every 3 metres.

The same technique is used in the 2D profile view: The software starts with a rough reading of the data, and then refines it. Consequently, the software is responsive in the sense that you can follow the load process.

The user can easily navigate the profile view by pan and zoom and double-click to jump to a location – even before the entire file is loaded – and events at a given location are easily created by right-clicking the profile view.

We would love to hear your feedback

The new sub-bottom profiling features are available in a pre-release version for those of you who want to try it out right away. As always, it is important for us to make software that matches the needs in the real world. So, we would love to hear your feedback.

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