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New version of point cloud handling software sees the light of day

29 August 2017

The QuickStitch software allows you to work with all types of XYZ data from sensors used both below and above the water surface. With the release of version 4.1.4, the list of features now also includes the possibility of working in multiple 3D views, a new noise removal filter, and a new shading technique. 

Get a comprehensive overview of your data by combining multiple 3D views

QuickStitch 4.1.4 brings the possibility of working with not just one, but multiple 3D views at the same time. This allows you to combine various different views of the same XYZ data for a more comprehensive overview, working with settings of your choice.

NaviModel multiple 3D views in a single display

Multiple 3D views in a single display

Combat noise with new noise removal filter

A new noise removal filter allows for a more efficient workflow when cleaning your data. The filter makes it possible to remove sparse and single points. This adds to a number of other cleaning features, including cleaning by intensity and fast point cloud eraser.

New point cloud noise cleaning feature

New point cloud noise cleaning feature

New shading technique: Eye-dome lighting

QuickStitch 4.1.4 includes a new shading technique called EDL (Eye-dome lighting).

When applying realistic light to an object (that is, placing the source of light so it points to the object at a certain angle) the shades generated will bring out details, but only from one side. Consequently, realistic light is not optimal when you are looking to highlight as many details as possible.

EDL brings out the shades from all sides at the same time. This allows you to see every detail of the entire point cloud, regardless from which angle you view it.

Three different visualisations of the same point cloud showing the results when adding EDL

Three different visualisations of a the same point cloud showing the results when adding EDL

Ready to work with point clouds in QuickStitch?

You can buy a QuickStitch licence via our webshop. This means that you can get started within a couple of hours when we have sent you the installation file.

If you would like to hear more, please feel free to reach out to us.

Already a QuickStitch user?

If you would like to update your current version of QuickStitch to 4.1.4, please contact the company that provided it. For EIVA customers, contact downloadsite@eiva.com to learn more.

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