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EIVA Demo Days Denmark 2023 went swimmingly!

28 September 2023

During EIVA Demo Days Denmark 2023, over the course of two days, we enjoyed the company of guests from across Europe, as well as many who traveled a long way, some from Korea, Nigeria and Canada to help make the event one of our most successful yet. For those curious about what EIVA Demo Days are all about, or anyone wanting to revisit the days' events and featured solutions, we've gathered some photos of highlights to share with you, including...


Demonstrating our solutions

Products such as NaviSuite Cloud Viewer for browser-based project sharing, Workflow Manager for data processing automation, NaviSuite Perio for virtual marker buoys (AtoN), as well as new tools in the latest versions of classic solutions such as NaviEdit for data editing and NaviModel for data visualisation, were demoed at a lineup of workstations. At each of these, EIVA's product experts were ready for discussion and demos.

Unmanned surface vehicles (USV)

USV demos happened both by the water and in the remote operation centre (ROC) where runlines were planned, then sent to the USV's NaviSuite Kuda – Autopilot for performing precisely controlled surveys of the harbour with MBES and LiDAR data streamed back to the ROC in real time and displayed in the customisable interface with data fusion. Learn more.

Remotely inputting runlines to the USV

Freshly collected LiDAR and MBES data fusion displaying the harbour area

Remotely operated vehicles (ROV)

ROV demos could be attended at the water-side, and a NaviSuite Mobula simulator allowed attendees to try out the user interface and assisted steering features without risk.

ROVs and USVs sailed around the harbour, collecting data

Calibrating a BlueROV2

Monitoring NaviSuite Mobula ROV software

Remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV)

The ViperFish ROTV was demonstrated collecting multi-aperture sidescan sonar imaging, magnetometer data and more during trips onboard the vessel AURORA. Several presentations focused on the operation of EIVA's ROTVs, including talks by providers of the sensors integrated on the ViperFish and ScanFish platforms. Freshly collected data results from the ViperFish were also demonstrated in the software tent.

ViperFish ROTV onboard AURORA vessel


Our ears are open. As always, we want to build and improve our solutions based on input from customers. That's why at both days of the event, our UX designer was present to collect feedback from attendees. Have any ideas and inputs to share with us?

Our UX designer discussing ideas with an attendee

Talks from EIVA experts, customers and partners

On the first day, we held talks on a wide range of software solutions, both new features of established products, as well as new products in development and our roadmap. On the second day, we dove into hardware solutions, and of course, both days touched on our total system solutions!
If there was a presentation you were curious about, but you were not able to attend, please don't hesitate to reach out.

A talk on VSLAM in action

Thank you to everyone for their contributions to the event...

Thanks to our guest speakers from Wavefront, Sonardyne, OFG, HydroSurv, PKE, VideoRay, TotalEnergies, NORBIT, Kraken Robotics, Green-Bay and OARS – whose insights and contributions added greatly to the programme.

And a particular note of thanks to those who exhibited, including Voyis, Sonardyne, Wavefront, Green-Bay, Ocean Floor Geophysics, NORBIT, HydroSurv, VideoRay and SensorSurvey.

Sailing forward with you – follow the EIVA cruise 

We were pleased to share EIVA’s latest developments and plans with all of you, and we were especially grateful for the discussions that followed and the connections that were made. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event as much as ourselves, and that journeys home were safe and pleasant.

We encourage you to stay in touch with our latest news and happenings through the EIVA social media channels and website.

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