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Introducing ViperFish ROTV for high-resolution data collection by USV

18 April 2023

We have just launched a new remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV): ViperFish!

This all-in-one sensor platform is tailored for autonomous unmanned surface vehicle (USV) systems. With its compact, streamlined design and precise 3D control, ViperFish can safely survey hard to reach areas, with sensors close to the seabed for optimal data collection.

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A new line of EIVA’s ROTV family – related to the ScanFish

ViperFish uses the same electronics and flight control as the industry-leading UXO survey sensor platform, ScanFish. This means that many of ViperFish’s components are proven with thousands of hours documented in the field.

NaviModel solstice wavefront MAS SSS data

Sidescan sonar data collected by ViperFish and visualised in NaviModel

High-quality imaging and positioning sensor payload

ViperFish is integrated with several sensors, which you can choose to equip the platform with. Wavefront Solstice multi-aperture sidescan sonar (MAS), EdgeTech 2205 side-scan sonar, R2Sonic muliti-beam echo sounder, OFG Hypermags, Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav Mini positioning, and Valeport sound velocity sensor.

Depending on the payload chosen, this sensor platform is mission-ready for applications such as offshore energy seabed mapping; geophysical site inspections (UXO); subsea pipe/cable inspections; and defence (mine countermeasures, rapid environmental assessment, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance).

Concept illustration of ViperFish

Designed for optimal data collection

ViperFish experiences minimal drag thanks to the active flaps, resulting in a low energy cost of operations. The platform keeps sensors highly stable with a design that stays horizontal at all times and minimises turbulence through laminar flow.

Streamlined software integration

The Flight control software can be integrated with EIVA’s software toolbox, NaviSuite, to leverage autopilot and survey automation capabilities, such as real-time data processing and Vessel-Aided Terrain Follow mode, which uses MBES data (real-time or pre-survey) for early warning to automatically avoid steep obstacles more smoothly.

Video showing the NaviSuite Vessel-Aided Terrain Follow mode in action, making the  ROTV avoid steep obstacles on the seabed more smoothly than it would have if it were using only the ROTV altimeter sensor for obstacle avoidance – thereby achieving stability for optimal sensor performance

Total solution for autonomous USV operations

ViperFish can be purchased with a dedicated winch optimised for USVs – low weight with an adjustable exit angle and support for single phase power.

The EIVA hardware development team is also always happy to discuss a custom setup, for example integrating a tailored launch and recovery system.

Pricing options

As this system is highly configurable to your needs, the pricing will depend on the sensors you choose. 

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