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Releasing a new and improved NaviPac 4.5 just in time for the new year

4 January 2021

NaviPac is our software solution which provides positioning and navigation features for surface and/or subsea vehicles. Over the past year, we have developed an update to NaviPac, working together closely with a series of customers to perform lab and field tests, ensuring it is stable and ready to for action. With this final update in NaviPac generation 4, we have closed all holes from version 3.

NaviPac 4.5 has an improved user interface and completely new NaviPac features such as remote control, confinement zones and real-time data cleaning. In addition, you will find several features from version 3 have been implemented in their expanded and improved forms, including rig move & tug management, exclusion zones and 2D seismic operations.

Control inspections remotely with ease

It has been possible to run onshore monitoring since the first version of NaviPac 3 – and in version 4.5 we introduce the final step – taking control from shore via Remote Supervision. Learn more about the remote control features implemented.

A NaviSuite software user accessing My EIVA on a PC for an overview of his licences

In the upper left corner, you can see that Supervisor is selected, meaning that control is taken onshore

Rig move and tug management

Implementing Rig move and tug management in NaviPac 4.5 is the final big step in the transition from NaviPac generation 3 to 4. With this functionality, generation 4 is complete. More info on this feature.

Anchor placement control in NaviPac 4.5

Control anchor placement and drop with Rig move and tug management

Real-time data cleaning

While previous versions of NaviPac have required data cleaning to be done manually after data collection is complete, in NaviPac 4.5, you can use real-time data cleaning tools. This means you save time and energy by performing automatic data cleaning during online acquisition and recording. These tools are the same EC-3D data cleaning features you may know from NaviModel, our software solution for creating digital terrain models in 2D and 3D, as well as model analyses and manipulations.

See the difference between visualisations of data collection without vs with real-time data cleaning

Widgets in the user interface

In NaviPac 4.5, we introduce a new data display type – dashboard and widgets, replacing the old Data View types. These new graphic display tools may be familiar to you, as they are the same kind as used in NaviModel.


Exclusion and confinement zones

In NaviPac 4.5, you can define exclusion zones. While in version 3, you could only define basic exclusion zones, you can now define waypoints, lines and routes as exclusion zones. We have also introduced Confinement Zones, which ensure a selected vehicle stays within a zone. A kind of spin off from the exclusion zones.

Exclusion and confinement zones NaviPac 4.5

Create a variety of exclusion and confinement zone types, such as waypoints and runlines

Admin rights

The structure of NaviPac 4.5 has changed, so the user no longer needs to have admin rights when running NaviPac. This is safer from an IT perspective, as having administrative rights also allows you to overrule virus checker and security settings.

Installation still requires admin rights, including both the setup of NaviPac and the Wibu-key dongle security system.

More streamers and cable depth for 2D seismic operations

Now introducing 2D seismic operations to NaviPac generation 4. While version 3 could only support seismic operations with one streamer, NaviPac 4.5 supports up to two streamers. As a new feature you can also show the cable depth information both graphically in Map View and numerical in the Data Views – as well as in the sideview mode.

Cable depth in NaviPac 4.5

Cable depth information shown in sideview, one of several ways to view the cable depth of your streamer

Reach out to us if you have any questions about this latest update, or suggestions for future updates.

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