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Software takes the helm of pre-equipped USVs in EIVA's rental pool

20 August 2020

EIVA is offering two USVs (unmanned surface vehicle) from our rental pool that are pre-equipped with our own NaviSuite software and autopilot function. The USVs can be controlled by an operator onshore, remotely from an office, and can run pre-programmed missions autonomously.

They come as standard with MBE (multi-beam echo sounder) systems and NaviSuite Kuda acquisition and processing software. Both USVs are available to rent as an all-in-one package and ready-to-sail, simply requiring a patch test before surveying can begin. We expect the USVs to perform shallow water surveys in streams, lakes, reservoirs, harbours, fjords, and any other calm inland bodies of water.

A USV performing a shallow water bathymetric survey on a pre-programmed mission

A USV performing a shallow water survey on a pre-programmed mission

The USVs sailing the rental pool – hardware

The USVs are fitted with an onboard PC preloaded with NaviSuite software and powered by onboard batteries. EIVA’s autopilot function has a topside solution for operator supervision and each USV has its own high accuracy solution for positioning. The USVs:

  • Seafloor EchoBoat™ – a  monohulled USV which comes setup with the R2Sonic 2020 multi-beam. The R2Sonic multi-beam is paired with a dual-frequency RTK GNSS (Proflex 800) and motion sensor (Teledyne’s DMS-05)
  • The second is a catamaran style USV equipped with the Norbit iWBMSh multi-beam. The Norbit multi-beam is paired with an RTK GNSS/Inertial Navigation System (Applanix SurfMaster)

Efficient bathymetric surveys with USVs – software

Both USVs come as standard with NaviSuite Kuda; a software bundle dedicated to shallow water operations which includes high-performance capabilities for the creation of digital terrain models in 2D, 3D and 4D for data analysis and manipulation. The software bundle includes NaviPac, which provides positioning and navigation features and fully supports EIVA’s autopilot function. This means that the software can control a USV mission autonomously from start to finish.

The EchoBoat™ USV performing a bathymetric survey of a lake while being supervised from shore

The EchoBoat™ USV performing a bathymetric survey while being supervised from shore

The Coverage Assist tool in NaviPac allows a USV to run a pre-programmed mission to cover a specific area. Runlines, turns and run-in lines are automatically created after the surveyor defines the first runline and when a line has been completed. The software estimates the off-track information and feeds it into the autopilot, and based on the turn capabilities of the vessel, the software calculates the shortest route to the next runline.

If renting a pre-equipped USV could benefit your operation, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

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