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EIVA sign a new representative with GBT

30 July 2018

We are pleased to welcome Geological and Biological Team (GBT) as EIVA’s latest representative for sale of hardware and software solutions. The company will represent EIVA from its head office in Malta, as well as from its presence in North Africa.

GBT new EIVA representative in Malta

A well-established, specialised offshore solutions provider, Geological and Biological Team offer services covering all manner of needs relating to geophysical and hydrographic surveying.

According to GBT’s Operations Manager, Giuseppe Di Grigoli, ‘This partnership comes at an excellent moment considering the current scenario in the Mediterranean region. Our regional presence and sizable client ecosystem provide a useful venue to market EIVA products commercially, and to demonstrate hands-on applications in the field’.

‘As a survey company, we want our team to be able to efficiently solve our customers’ needs in the field and provide industry standard data products; NaviSuite is a flexible, intuitive platform with a solid UX.’

Prioritising the supply of project services, including remote and field support alongside staff solutions, to maritime clients, GBT hold a unique perspective on the working process, needs and challenges of maritime specialists in the region. We see benefits to this because it means that GBT is in an ideal position to ensure that EIVA customers leverage our solutions to the greatest extent possible throughout the length of their projects, and thereby secure optimal outcomes.

EIVA Director Marketing & Sales, Anne Juul Andreasen, commented: ‘We are confident that GBT will provide an excellent local point of contact for all relevant stakeholders, and we look forward to working together in the future to support the maritime community in any and all ways possible.’

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