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The latest hot fix improving NaviSuite solutions

6 December 2021

Dive into the benefits of this hot fix, fresh out of the EIVA software team’s nets! 

In NaviPac…

  • UDP drivers now support multicast – recommended for use of  Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav (LNAV data input)
  • CAD file loader optimised
  • Option to select a runline from map view added
  • Remote synchronisation improved
  • Live data can now be added to online eventing
  • New features for rig move operations

Learn more in the NaviPac release notes

In NaviEdit and NaviModel…

  • Import and support of more formats are added, such as Teledyne Reson 7K logging format, EdgeTech JSF logging format and P1/11 – Learn more about P-formats, which some major oil and gas operators require survey data to be delivered in.
  • Option to specify depth relative to multibeam head rather than sea surface – when applying a sound velocity correction
  • Support for Angola RSAO13 Reference system
  • Colour enhancement in tree view
  • Improved OBJ file handling
  • Improved ACAD hatching support
  • Enhancements of geodetic network calculations
  • We have also made various improvements in geodetic validation to help operators avoid costly errors – thanks to ongoing testing with the GIGS software evaluation framework.

Learn more in the NaviEdit release notes.

Make sure you take advantage of the latest improvements!