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New support system at EIVA

28 February 2019

In order to give our customers who subscribe to our support and software maintenance (SMS) service or own subscription licences, which include the service, a better support experience, we are implementing a new support system at EIVA. This new system is called Freshdesk and will allow for a more efficient support workflow and ease of use.

Customers with access to our support and update service get access to the latest updates of our NaviSuite software and the ability to contact our help desk 24/7.

With the implementation of the Freshdesk support system, we aim to streamline the support service.

New support system at EIVA - Freshdesk

How will this impact support?

The biggest change will come for our customers who are currently using an EIVA-issued JIRA access to track support and development issues. Next week, we will begin phasing out these customer licences. But don’t worry – your data will remain safe. Going forward, you can check your ticket status within Freshdesk.

If you are not using an EIVA JIRA licence, this change in the support service will not be as apparent. Starting next week when you write to support at our email address – support@eiva.com or hwsupport@eiva.com – a ticket will be automatically generated in Freshdesk. You will receive email updates via Freshdesk on your ticket status throughout the support cycle.

Alternatively, you can also sign up to our customer portal to both create support tickets and track the status of your existing tickets. Access to this portal will be available starting Wednesday 6 March, when you will be able to access the customer portal through a link on our website.

Access to knowledge base on Freshdesk

Our Freshdesk support portal will also contain a knowledge base with guides on getting setup with our NaviSuite software and FAQs to help with your queries. These guides FAQs will be updated to reflect the most relevant information for the latest NaviSuite products.

Have any questions regarding this change?

If you are a customer currently using a JIRA licence and have questions on this change, feel free to reach out to us at support@eiva.com.

If you would like to learn more about our software maintenance and support service, you can do so here: https://www.eiva.com/support.


We are very excited to begin offering an improved support experience for our customers. 

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