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New joint venture: Zediment will bring underwater vision to water utilities

16 June 2021

At EIVA, one of the things we value as much as new technology is collaborating with companies that have extensive industry knowledge. Through that union, great solutions are born. Which is why we are excited to announce the birth of a joint venture…

As of June 2021, EIVA has officially embarked on a 60/40 joint venture with Aarhus Vand, a Danish public company responsible for water resources. The joint venture is named Zediment ApS, and it will optimise water utility facilities, an industry which Aarhus Vand knows well, using the subsea survey technology we, at EIVA, know well.

Underwater scans will help clear away waste – both literally and figuratively

Zediment exclusively surveys water utilities, meaning wastewater treatment plants and stormwater reservoirs. Using subsea survey methods in an innovative way, Zediment maps the operational capacity of water utilities.

The end-client is presented with information which will help them optimise their operations – including the sedimentation volume and the precise location of sedimentation. This far exceeds the quantity and quality of information currently available to Danish water utilities with traditional, manual testing methods.

wastewater treatment plant tank 3D-model navimodel

The 3D map result of surveying of two wastewater tanks – visualised in NaviModel

wastewater treatment plant tank 3D-model navimodel cross section

Using the cross section tool in NaviModel on the 3D-model of a wastewater tank

How this subsea technology joint venture began its journey in optimising water utilities

Like many great collaborations, this one began during a developmental project: ReWater Robotics. The aim of this project was to make wastewater treatment more economically and environmentally sustainable by integrating robot technologies and automation.

As an authority on underwater survey technology, EIVA was involved to investigate the potential of scanning wastewater treatment plant tanks. After successful testing of a tailored solution during the project, the survey method was also tested in stormwater reservoirs. The results of these tests made it clear that scanning water utilities is an effective way to help them optimise their operations.

New technology and new applications

At EIVA we pride ourselves on developing new software and hardware solutions, but we also are happy to help others use our technology in new ways and in new industries, which we would perhaps not have thought of on our own. It is through collaborations like this that we can take full advantage of our technology. If you have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to reach out.

Facts and figures:

  • Zediment is a 60/40 joint venture between EIVA a/s and Aarhus Vand A/S
  • Collaboration started during ReWater Robotics project in 2018
  • The creation of the joint venture has been in the works since 2020
  • Zediment sailed out onto the market as of June 2021
  • Zediment has already successfully scanned several WWTPs and SWRs

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