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Tow, mooring & riser handling

Tow, mooring & riser handling

Market-leading rig move positioning and anchor/riser simulation

NaviSuite Beka

EIVA's NaviPac software, which is included in our NaviSuite Beka bundle, is used in hundreds of installations around the world for rig moves and general positioning of multiple-vessel scenarios.

Its Rig move and anchor handling option has extensive features for communication with tug boats, controlling pick-up of anchors, runlines, pull, etc from a central rig/barge, and a special version of NaviPac is available for tug boats participating in such an operation.

The Catenary option product offers advanced anchor- and riser-simulation for planning or real-time monitoring purposes. Catenary simulation can provide a real-time estimate of not just where the anchors/risers are in the water column, but also estimate tension along the anchors in real time.

The algorithm uses a physics emulation engine for calculating the materials' behaviour in water, and is configured to the actual cable/chain/riser parameters, buoys and water currents.

For planning purposes, the Catenary option offers an excellent way of defining anchor patterns and positions based on desired tensions. Due to the instant recalculation, changes to a plan can easily be made during an operation as well.

Highlighted features

  • Live 3D display with updated positions of all assets on site, including rig, tugs, other vessels, ROVs, anchors, anchor chains, risers, seabed, seabed constructions
  • Positioning of rig/barge and tug boats
  • Runline definitions for rig and tug boats

For tug boat operations specifically, the Rig move and tug management option offers:

  • Remote control of tug boats
  • Specific functionality for anchor pick-up, drop etc
  • Communication between rig and tug boats using radio, mesh or wifi technologies

The Catenary module offers you:

  • Planning of anchor patterns
  • Real-time calculation of anchor/riser position in water based on materials, actual positions and water current measurements
  • Real-time calculation of tensions using actual rig/barge position and known anchor positions. Useful for non-intrusive monitoring of anchored structures
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