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  • NaviEdit Lite
  • NaviEdit Lite
  • NaviEdit Lite
  • NaviEdit Lite
  • NaviEdit Lite

Survey data editing

NaviEdit allows for editing of overall survey settings, raw sensor data and geodetic settings. This applies to data recorded with NaviSuite products as well as third-party software products, such as generic ASCII readers.

The software comes in two variants: NaviEdit Pro and the variant described here, NaviEdit Lite, which is restricted to import of single source input data types, such as data from single beam echo sounders and magnetometers, as well as positioning solutions.

Please note that the software requires a Microsoft SQL database. The free version, SQL Server Express, is included in the software.

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Key features and benefits

Variant comparison

 NaviEdit LiteNaviEdit Pro
Project file managementxx

Editing of overall survey parameters

Graphical tools for sensor data editingxx
Automatic despiking, advanced spline, Kalman filters, etcxx
Manual, semi-automated and fully automated editingxx
Batch processingxx
NaviPac data importxx
NaviScan data import x
Generic ASCII import x
Import of third-party sonar data (SIS, GSF, XTF, etc) x
Ray bending x
Tidal correctionxx
Single beam echo sounder data handlingxx
Multi-beam echo sounder, laser and side-scan sonar data handling x
Magnetometer data handlingxx
INS data merge (Navlab, iXblue, etc) x
USBL and remote position recalculationxx
DVL calibrationxx
Full pressure-to-depth calculation including CTD usagexx
Seismic streamer handling x
ASCII data exportxx
Direct NaviModel link x
Workflow Manager integration x