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  • Catenary planning option for NaviModel Producer / Analyser
  • Catenary planning option for NaviModel Producer / Analyser

Catenary planning option for NaviModel Producer / Analyser

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The Catenary planning option product offers advanced anchor and riser simulation for planning monitoring purposes during rig move and FPSO operations. This includes:

  • Real-time calculation of anchor/riser position in water based on materials, actual positions and water current measurements
  • Real-time calculation of tensions using actual rig/barge position and known anchor positions. Useful for monitoring of anchored structures without need tension measurement sensors

The algorithm uses a physics emulation engine for material’s behaviour in water, and is configured to the actual cable/chain/riser parameters, buoys and water currents.

The catenary features offer an excellent way of defining anchors patterns and positions based on desired tensions. Due to the instant recalculation, changes to a plan can easily be made during an operation as well.

Please note: The option is included in NaviSuite Beka and available for purchase for existing NaviModel Producer / Analyser customers who wish to have a licence for office use.

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