ScanFish III - Affordable & flexible ROTV product range


The ScanFish III range is the next generation of our proven ROTV solution that has always made the grade in terms of efficiency and durability. In further developing this product range, we are able to offer you an enhanced product of the highest quality.

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Four models make up the ScanFish III family:

Robust product with a long service life

Quality materials and easily replaced wear parts characterise the ScanFish III range and contribute to a high ROI through a long service life.

The practical design of the ScanFish III models makes them so robust that they can be deployed in rough weather. This saves time as the risk of downtime is vastly reduced. Two side plates with bars, which also function as handles, protect the body and facilitate handling, thus reducing the risks posed to the ROTV in the water and ensuring the safety of the crew during deployment and recovery.
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