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Oceanography & environmental studies

Oceanography & environmental studies

Multi-purpose ROTV for oceanographic surveys and environmental studies

High payload allowing you to fit several different pieces of equipment onboard

EIVA offers full systems for ocean science, metocean and other types of environmental studies.

The ScanFish Rocio ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) is a versatile platform that will meet your specific needs and streamline your survey operations, saving you time and money by combining all survey tasks in one flexible solution.

ScanFish Rocio has been chosen by universities and research vessels worldwide as the platform of choice for efficient oceanographic measurements. The ROTV’s ability to automatically profile the full water column from seabed to surface in a programmable pattern and its ability to carry diverse sensor payloads makes it an ideal choice for efficient collection of oceanographic and environmental data.

Market leading ocean science sensors for mounting on ScanFish Rocio or as stand-alone products

EIVA can provide a full sensor package from world-leading producers such as Sea-Bird Scientific, AML and Teledyne Benthos integrated on the ScanFish.

Mounting these on the ScanFish means much higher sampling points and much faster sampling than with single measurements. Moreover, you can use our NaviPac Lite software for sensor recording and processing.

Key features

Full high-end sensor suite available. Typical sensor payload includes:

  • CTD (conductivity/salinity, temperature, depth)
  • SVP
  • Oxygen
  • Dissolved organic matter (waste water monitoring)
  • pH
  • Light

... and many more

ScanFish Rocio

  • real-time measurements while sailing
  • undulation mode, ie profile full water column automatically while sailing
  • positioning using USBL
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