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  • NaviSuite Deep Learning – Onboard Computer
  • NaviSuite Deep Learning – Onboard Computer

NaviSuite Deep Learning – Onboard Computer

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Let software do the eventing work for you

The NaviSuite Deep Learning – Onboard Computer is an optional extra product for the high-performance, automatic data processing software NaviSuite Deep Learning.

The NaviSuite Deep Learning onboard computer is a small, high-speed computer board which is suitable for integration into AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and USV (unmanned surface vehicle) equipment.

The NaviSuite Deep Learning software runs on this board, providing object detection information to the platform mission control computer in real time. The result is huge cost savings and higher data quality as the vehicle is able to change route automatically, based on data processed by NaviSuite Deep Leaning.

The onboard computer is purchased in addition to the NaviSuite Deep Learning software subscription at an additional cost. Integration typically requires a small development project by the platform manufacturer in addition to the price for the board.


  • Identify objects and generate events
  • Able to classify 15-20 FPS, that is, process some 15-20 images per second
  • AUV/USV can change mission based on objects detected via the deep learning software
1,495.00 excl VAT, excl shipping fee
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Delivery time: 4-10 weeks