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Cable, pipe & asset inspections

Cable, pipe & asset inspections

Market-leading 3D software and autonomous sensor platform for subsea inspections

Acquire, process and deliver inspection results of the highest quality

NaviSuite Nardoa is the most advanced and efficient software package for subsea inspections, and is used by most of the high-end subsea inspection companies, having replaced older packages.

NaviSuite Nardoa includes NaviPac Pro/NaviScan for vessel and ROV navigation, NaviScan for sonar/LiDAR acquisition, and NaviEdit/NaviModel Producer with EC-3D cleaning and 3D pipe options for data processing.

Let software do all the hard work, saving you time and money

NaviSuite Nardoa features a high degree of automation and can be upgraded with our NaviSuite Deep Learning option for high-performance, automatic eventing with both classification and segmentation of images and videos during subsea pipeline inspections.

Want to upgrade your autonomous inspection setup with a towed sensor platform?

ViperFish is a high-resolution data collection total solution, designed to be integrated in USV operations. Equipped with the R2Sonic 2020 multi-beam echo sounder, this ROTV is ideal for autonomous subsea asset inspections.

Highlighted features

  • Live 3D software, combining all relevant sensors and site data, including sonar, LiDAR, camera, subsea structures etc
  • Live streaming and recording or playback of all data, including positioning of vessels and ROVs/AUVs, video, sonar, LiDAR, cable/pipe tracker etc
  • Extensive data cleaning/processing, including sonar/LiDAR data, cable tracker data, position data etc
  • Extensive 'eventing' package for registration of observations
  • Extensive features for determination of cable/pipe placement, depth-of-burial (DoB), out-of-straightness (OOS) etc
  • Extensive automation features, including free spans, rocks, pipeline inspection objects based on Deep Learning etc
  • Generation of final products, including 3D mesh, GIS exports, custom exports, or even traditional printed / PDF alignments sheets and charts
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