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Jack-up operations

Jack-up operations

Combining software with precise positioning sensors for pin-point jack-up positioning

The NaviSuite software range has extensive functions for construction vessels, whether it is for placement of wind turbine foundations or other structures at sea.

EIVA software has been involved in the setup of most offshore wind farms worldwide, and is installed on most of the large jack-up vessels today.


Key features

  • Live positioning of jack-up vessel, showing real vs target position, seabed data, construction data etc.
  • Monitoring of jack-up process, ie monitoring leg sensors and other motion sensors to indicate unusual movements.
  • Positioning of vessel, crane, and construction elements, as well as real-time measurement of verticality, height etc so that the crane operator has the best possible guidance for placement of the construction elements.
  • Video, LiDAR and other live sensor readouts at any position, as well as recording/playback of all data completely time synchronised.

NaviSuite Pelta is our software solution dedicated to jack-up operations. It is based on NaviPac Pro and therefore includes multiple displays onboard the vessel as well as on remote positions, for eg on-shore clients following the operation or for onshore experts to support the mission with new plans, drawings etc.

EIVA can also supply a full equipment spread and setup, including installation, configuration and calibration on board the vessel.